Class: Extraterrestrials

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Warworld

First AppearanceDC Comics Presents #27 (November, 1980)

PowersThe Warzoon were a warrior race armed with lasers, body armor and spaceships. They commanded Warworld, a planet-sized satellite armed with nuclear missiles and macro-laser cannons capable of incinerating entire worlds. Warworld was powered by a nuclear engine and a computer core, controlled by a command helmet.

History(DC Comics Presents #27, 28 (BTS)) - <centuries ago> The Warzoon was planetary conquerors whose existence was dictated by battle. They cut a path of death and destruction across half the universe, but still they wanted more. They constructed Warworld, a planetary-sized satellite armed with doomsday weapons. The control helmet that operated Warworld’s command center burned out the mind of the first Warzoon to use it. More deaths followed, but the Warzoon were so desperate to utilize their weapon that they kept sacrificing themselves to the control helmet until every single one of them was dead. The peaceful Largas found Warworld, and entrusted the crystal key that operated it to Martian Manhunter so it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Comments: Created by .Len Wein & Jim Stalin.

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