Membership: Man-Mountain, Masked Swastika, Silver Sorceress, Sparrow, Speed Demon

Base of Operations: Megalopolis, Earth-12

First Appearance: Showcase #63 (July-August, 1966)

History: (Showcase #63) - The Masked Swastika assembled a group of the Freedom Brigade's arch-enemies to form Vendetta. The  Freedom Brigade's members were all retired, so Vendetta turned it's attention to the Brigade's children, who had formed the Inferior Five. Vendetta robbed Megalopolis Square Garden's box office and fought the Inferior Five. The battle went in the Five's favor until the Swastika set off a radioactive bomb that transformed nearby boxer "Brute" Brainard into the Man-Mountain. The Man-Mountain was so grateful for his newfound powers that he thrashed the Inferior Five and joined Vendetta. Vendetta went on a crime spree, but they ended up in police custody after a rematch with the Inferior Five.

Due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Vendetta's existence was erased from DC continuity.

Comments: Created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Joe Orlando.

Showcase #63 was reprinted in Inferior 5 #12.

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