Membership: Adam One, Mote, Glimmer, ten thousand others unnamed

Base of Operations: Omnitropolis, Wonderworld, perimeter of time and space

First Appearance: JLA #12 (November, 1997)

History: (JLA #12 (fb, BTS)) - Adam One tamed Mammord, the original world, and it became Wonderworld, home to his superteam the Theocracy, heroes from ten thousand worlds whose aim was to be the last outpost of order before the eternal dark. To succeed in the unimaginable scope of their mission they created a global fortress to traverse all of spacetime at hypertemporal speed. Among their adventures they defeated A-Mind, an unnamed 5th Dimensional imp, and nurtured the infant universe Qwewq. On one mission Glimmer was lost in the Abyss.

(JLA #12) - The Theocracy came upon Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner of the JLA, who were bouncing across time and space, sent by Metron to find the Philosopher’s Stone. The Theocracy knew that misus of the Stone could mean the end of past, present, and future, but they couldn’t abandon their posts because they were preparing for the coming of Mageddon. The had the JLAers board the hyperwheel to return them to their own section of timespace.

(JLA #14) - The Theocracy patrolled space, keeping an eye on the emerging Mageddon. Metron warned them that it would be up to the JLA to defeat Mageddon, not them.

(JLA #36) - Mageddon freed itself and approached Wonderworld, with the Theocracy prepared for the battle their lives had led up to. Mageddon’s approach decimated Wonderworld and turned the Theocracy against each other. They engaged in civil war and killed each other. The dying Mote was discovered by Metron, Wonder Woman and Big Barda, and he warned them that nothing could stop Mageddon.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison & Howard Porter

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