Membership: Hafnium, Osmium, Sellenium, Strontium, Tantalum, Thallium

Base of Operations: Mobile

First AppearanceMetamorpho I #12 (May-June, 1967)

History(Metamorpho I #12, 13) - Professor Franz Zorb applied for Stagg Prize, a prize offered by Simon Stagg with a million dollars and full access to his labs for the scientist with the best idea for curing Metamorpho. Zorb correctly surmised that Stagg was playing Metamorpho, planning on awarding the prize to a crackpot so that he appeared to be doing everything he could to cure Metamorpho while keeping him as a useful lackey. Zorb gave Simon the crazy theories he wanted to hear, and used his labs to build chemo-robots, his element based Test-Tube Terrors, and promised them a destiny that would shake the stars. The Terrors defeated Metamorpho, nearly killing him, before burning down Stagg’s mansion. Zorb and the Terrors left for State Tech, Simon’s old alma mater, where Prof. Kronski had created a  nucleonic moleculizer projector and hidden it in a trophy football currently being used in the annual State Tech vs. State U. game. The Test-Tube Terrors posed as State U. while Metamorpho played for Tech in a battle to get control of the moleculizer.

Comments: Created by  Bob Haney & Sal Trapani.

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