Membership: Beast Boy, Cyborg, Offspring, Ravager, Raven, Red Devil, Robin, Superboy, Speedy, Starfire, Talon, Terra, Wonder Girl, Young Frankenstein, Zatara

Base of Operations: Titans Tower, San Francisco, CA

First Appearance: Teen Titans III #1 (September, 2003)


(Flash II #209, 210) - The Teen Titans and the rest of the world forgot Flash s secret identity thanks to the Spectre. Flash wanted the heroes he knew and trusted to know his identity, so he unmasked for the Titans. Flash and the Teen Titans got together for a little catch-up.

(Superman / Batman #13) - The Titans were among the heroes invited to Paradise Island to welcome Superman's cousin Supergirl into the superhero community.

(Identity Crisis #1) - The Teen Titans were among the number of heroes who attended Sue Dibny s funeral. Afterwards heroes broke into teams to look for suspects in Sue's murder, and the Titans went looking for Plasmus and Warp.

(Flash II #214) - The Titans interrogated the Brain and Monsieur Mallah at Striker s Island to see if Warp or Plasmus had anything to do with the death of Sue Dibny because they suspected a teleporter and someone with flame-based powers. They got no useful information and realized they were grasping at straws.

(Green Arrow III #46) - Green Arrow sponsored Speedy s membership in the Teen Titans, and during her initiation he bet Cyborg that his protégé could take Batman s protégé Robin. Robin defeated her, but it was close, and Arrow was proud. Speedy asked him not to tell the Titans that she had H.I.V., even though she came out to her school she didn't want it to be part of her introduction to a superhero team.

(Green Lantern: Rebirth #4, 6) - Ganthet summoned the Teen Titans and a number of other heroes to battle Parallax, who'd completely taken over Hal Jordan. They weakened him enough for the Spectre to separate Hal from Parallax, allowing Hal s soul to return to his body, resurrecting him. Parallax possessed Ganthet, spreading fear throughout the world, and only Hal was able to stop him.

(DC Countdown #1) - When someone broke into a Kord warehouse and stole the kryptonite stored there Oracle called in favors to the Teen Titans and a number of other heroes to investigate the crime scene, but the investigation turned up nothing.

(Teen Titans III #30, 31) - The Titans escaped Blood after he opened a door to Hell and unleashed an army of demons of Los Angeles.  Raven told the Titans that Brother Blood was exploiting an opening in the door between life and death, and they had to figure a way to close it. Blood confronted the Titans with his New Titans West, a team made of resurrected Titans. The Titans fought the demons and the New Titans while Raven and Beast Boy went into the afterlife and found that Brother Blood had Kid Eternity chained in the opening of the door between life and death, allowing the opening to widen. After fighting the resurrected Ravager, Gizmo and Madame Rouge who'd been sent by Blood to guard him they freed him and closed the door. Back on Earth Eternity sent the demons and New Titans back to the afterlife, and temporarily resurrected Blood s predecessors, who tore him to bits.

(Teen Titans III #32) - Superboy Prime confronted Superboy because he wanted to take his place, and was willing to kill him to do it. Superboy took a beating from Prime, but called the Titans and their reservists on an emergency signal. There were casualties, but Flash Jay Garrick, Flash and Kid Flash took Prime out of action by running him into the Speed Force. Superboy's heart stopped, but he was revived by Raven.

(52 / WWIII Part Two: The Valiant #1) - <Week 50, Day 4> Black Adam declared war on Earth, starting WWIII. A ragtag new roster of  Teen Titans, led by Beast Boy, prepared to confront him, well knowing he could kill them all.

(52 / WWIII Part Three: Hell Is For Heroes #1) - <Week 5, Day 5, 6> The Titans confronted Black Adam in Greece, and Raven begged Beast Boy to have confidence in himself and be the leader they needed him to be. Adam defeated the Titans, severely injuring several of them and killing Young Frankenstein. Beast Boy decided to leave the wounded behind to be tended by locals, and pursue Adam to the Himalayas. Raven started to be overcome by the empathetic pain she felt from her teammates. Adam defeated the Titans again, injuring Hawk and Dove and killed Terra. Beast Boy realized he could do nothing except tend to the wounded

(Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1) - An army of Earth's heroes, including the Teen Titans, appeared to take Superboy-Prime down during the Sinestro Corps invasion of Earth. The heroes focused on wrecking his armor, because after a year on Oa, and away from a yellow sun his Kryptonian body still wasn't at full strength, and his armor collected sunlight. Superboy bragged that once the sun rose on Earth he'd be at full power. Superboy was battered by Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman, who blamed him for Superboy's death, as well as Supergirl and Power Girl, who blamed him for the death of the Superman of Earth-2. As the fight went against him, Superboy broke down in tears. He tried to wipe them away, saying that it was impossible foir boys to cry, and then whining that no one ever thanked him for sacrificing his Earth to save the multiverse. The battle lasted until dawn, and he flew into the sunrise. As he achieved full power he declared himself the one, true Superman. The Guardians arrived with Sodam Yat, the new Ion, and pitted him against Superboy-Prime.

(Green Lantern IV #25) - The Sinestro Corps War raged on Earth, and while the Teen Titans and an army of superheroes battled the Corps the Anti-Monitor prepared to unleash an anti-matter wave to destroy Earth. With Earth s destruction, the entire 52 would fall, and he would once again rule all that was. The GLC ruptured the heart of Anti-Monitor s Warworld, the Sinestro Corps central power battery, and created a shield around Warworld and the Monitor. The ensuing blast nearly destroyed the Anti-Monitor, and he was finished off by Superman-Prime, who betrayed him for having destroyed his home, Earth-Prime. GL Hal Jordan defeated Sinestro in personal combat, and the Sinestro Corps, lacking any leadership, fled Earth. The heroes rejoiced and began rebuilding the damage the Sinestro Corps did.

(Titans II #1) - The Teen Titans were attacked by Trigon s demons. Trigon was determined to destroy every last Titan, past and present.

(Titans II #12, 13, Vigilante III #5, 6, Teen Titans III #70) - Cyborg recovered from the injuries Jericho caused him, and the Titans contacted the Teen Titans, hoping to get clues about Jericho's whereabouts, but they had no leads on either Jericho or his sister Ravager. Jericho called up the Teen Titans aboard their wing plane to tell them he was going to kill the Titans and use them to do it. They kept him on the phone to trace his call, and this allowed him to infect the wing 's computer system with a worm that gave him control over it. Jericho flew the wing to NYC and used it to attack the Titans. The Titans and Teen Titans managed to disable the T-Wing and crash it into the East River without anyone getting injured. Ravager was stowed away on the T-Wing, and told the Titans she waned to help them stop her brother without him getting killed. She also argued with Wonder Girl when she saw Bombshell on the team. Ravager wanted to know why she caught hell for being a former traitor if they d let other ex-villains on the team. Jericho possessed Raven and spirited away his sister. He told her he was trying to kill he Titans, but only because of the voices in his head. He asked for her help, and she turned him down. Jericho was disappointed in her, he thought she would always be on his side, and pointed out that she was working with heroes associated with Vigilante, who was trying to kill him. He returned her to the Titans and fled to Time Square. The Titans spotted Vigilante, who was following them, and subdued him, though Ravager wanted to keep beating him for trying to kill Jericho. Vigilante promised to not kill Jericho if they promised that Jericho s killing days were over. Jericho entered the Hamilton Grande, prepared for a slaughter. He announced that he had rigged explosives throughout the restaurant, and every wealthy patron was his hostage. Using a cellphone video, he recorded himself shooting the hotel manager in the head, and promised to kill a patron every two minutes, unless the Titans arrived to stop him. The Titans confronted Jericho, and tried to reason with him, but he as having none of it, telling them he d succeed in killing them here his father failed, finally allowing him to overshadow his dad. He d strapped explosives to his hostages, and held the trigger, guaranteeing that the Titans would die trying to save them. He offered Ravager a chance to escape, but she wasn't abandoning her teammates. They tussled, and Jericho set off the detonator, and escaped. News crews filmed what appeared to be the dead Titans. Raven had actually created the illusion of the Titans  death, and Miss Martian disguised herself as Deathstroke to confront and confuse Jericho. The Titans reached out to Jericho, and Raven tried to enter his mind to heal him, but all she found was darkness. They defeated him, but Vigilante made his presence known, and drew his guns, saying Jericho would kill again if not stopped. Ravager reminded him of his promise, and he slipped away. He later ambushed Jericho s police convoy, and cut out his eyes so he could never use his power again. The Titans realized too late what Vigilante was up to, and they found Jericho in the back of his transport, bleeding and babbling that he was cured.

(Titans II #17) - The Titans were battling super villain Cinderblock, but they were disorganized, and Wondergirl couldn't take charge, having lost her confidence after Red Devil s death. Beast Boy was in San Francisco, and helped them step up and defeat the villain. When he tried to talk to the team about Red Devil s death they assured him they were fine. He realized they were dealing with their problems the same way he was, by not dealing with them.

(Titans II #22, Blackest Night: Titans #1-3) - The Titans and several other heroes gathered at Titans Tower for Heroes' Day, a remembrance of their brothers and sisters in arms that died in the line of duty. During Heroes' Day Starfire questioned why Terra had a statue in Titans Tower, because she'd shamed herself by betraying the Teen Titans. Beast Boy argued that she could have redeemed herself, but Starfire disagreed. Beast Boy was upset, and went for a walk, where he met Terra, who told him she'd survived and embraced him. In truth she'd been resurrected as a zombie by the Black Lantern Corps, and wanted to rip out Beast Boy's heart. Omen had also been resurrected, and attacked the rest o the Titans. Titans Tower was leveled by Terra, and several more ex-Titan Black Lanterns joined the assault on the heroes. The Black Lanterns attacked Dove, but her lifeforce connection permanently destroyed them. The surviving Lanterns fled, and the Titans realized the war was far from over. Troia said they needed to get Dove on the front lines.

(Titans II #23) - The Teen Titans made memorial statues for Hawk and Tempest following their deaths during Blackest Night.

(Titans II #24) - Osiris visited Wonder Girl at Titans Compound after his resurrection during the Brightest Day, seeking advice on what to do with himself. Wonder Girl urged him not to blow the second chance he got, and turn himself over to the authorities so he could deal with his accidental slaying of Persuader. Osiris told her that Kahndaq needed him free, and shoved her before flying away. Blue Beetle showed up, asking Wonder Girl if they should go after him, but she was convinced that he d be back.

(Titans II #38) - The Teen Titans and the rest of the superhero community attended the funeral of Atom Ryan Choi.

Comments: Created by Geoff Johns.

Teen Titans had a cameo in JLA #121.

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