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Real Name: Takeo Sato

Class: Altered human

Occupation: Movie-star

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mifune Film Studios, Tokyo

First Appearance: New Adventures of Superboy #45(September, 1983)

Powers: Sunburst can fly and hurl blasts of solar power from his hands. He is a suberb fighter as well.

History: (New Adventures of Superboy #45-47)-Tako Sato was born in a Japanese village near an active volcano. The volcano erupted on the day of his birth, and he inhaled its fumes with his first breath. It is believed that this gave him his powers. He never imagined the powers he had, and grew up to be an actor, starring in a series of films starring Sunburst, a hero with solar powers. One day while filming a flight scene, wires holding him in the air snapped, and he instinctively saved himself by flying. Sato discovered he really had the powers his movie role possessed. He had no ambition to become a hero or villain, so he said nothing about his powers. However, some criminals discovered his secret and kidnapped his parents to force him to commit crimes for them as Sunburst. Japanís premier super-hero Rising Sun confronted Sunburst, and Sunburst explained his predicament. Together they saved Sunburstís parents and jailed the kidnappers. At Sunburstís request Rising Sun hypnotized him to forget that he ever possessed super-powers, and he went back to his life as an actor.

(Crisis on Infinite Earths #12)-Sunburstís memory of his powers eventually returned, and during the Crisis he was recruited by Harbinger to battle the Anti-Monitor. Fighting alongside Rising Sun he saved the city of Tokyo from Anti-Monitorís shadow demons, but was slain in the process. Years later another actor would take up the role of Sunburst.

List of appearances: Crisis on Infinite Earths #12
New Adventures of Superboy #45-47

Comments: Created by Alex Saviuk & Paul Kupperberg

In pre-Crisis continuity it was Superboy, not Rising Sun, who helped Sunburst save his parents.

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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