Membership: Firebird, Morozko, Perun, Rusalka, Vikhor

Base of Operations: Russia

First Appearance: Firestorm #70 (April, 1988)

History: (Firestorm #70, 72)-Soyuz is a team of adolescent Russian mutant superheroes. Soyuz is Russian for "Alliance" and the team members take their names from Russian mythology. Their leader is Firebird who first organized the team to rescue Ilya Trepliov, who later joined as Perun. Their next mission involved rescuing Firebirdís uncle Mikhail Arkadin from the K.G.B. Soyuz will never harm Russian interests but dedicate themselves to fighting those in power who abuse their authority.

Comments: Created by Joe Brozowski & John Ostrander

Soyuz received a profile in Who's Who Update '88 #3.

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