Membership: Cyndra, Rdeena, Thela

Base of Operations: Sklar, 30th Century

First Appearance: Superboy & The Legion of Super-Heroes #233 (November, 1977)


(Legion of Super-Heroes III #9) - Sklar signed a peace treaty with the U.P. that lasted a few years. Organ donation rates dropped dramatically on Sklar, so the Sklarian Raiders decided to ship frozen organs from Hong Kong’s black market, in defiance of U.P. rules. The Raiders set a fire at the Hong Kong Interstellar Traders’ Mall, and held off the Science Police with blasters. The Legion of Super-Heroes responded, and forced their way in. Invisible Kid spotted the fleeing intruders, identifying them as Sklarian Raiders. The Legion knew about Sklar’s peace treaty, so they weren’t eager to storm the Sklarian embassy. Chameleon Boy disguised himself as a Skalrian, while Shrinking Violet shrunk down and Invisible Kid turned invisible to sneak in. They discovered the Sklarians Raiders illegal shipping operation and shut them down.

Comments: Created by Jim Sherman & Paul Levitz.

The Sklarian Raiders received a profile in Who's Who in the DC Universe #6.

The Skalrian Raiders' appearance in Legion of Super-Heroes III #9 was reprinted in Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #334.

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