Membership: none named

Base of Operations: Hell, formerly Gotham City

First AppearanceArkham Asylum: Living Hell #4 (October, 2003)

History(Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #4 (fb), 5 (fb), 6 (fb, BTS)) - The Skarva were seven demons who were torture lords responsible for punishing those guilty of the first sin, pride. Eventually they became outcasts of Heaven and Hell when they started feeling compassion for the souls they tortured and cried. The Demon Etrigan battled them in Gotham City, and entombed them beneath the Gotham madhouse. As Blood he drilled a hole in the heads of seven madmen, and trapped the Skarva within.

(Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #4-6) - Doodlebug murdered victims and carved occult symbols in their flesh to free the Skarva. The Skarva stirred in their tomb, and started rampaging through Arkham Asylum. Their power started possessing inmates, including Doodlebug. Doodlebug opened up a portal to Hell with sacrifices of Arkham inmates, and summoned Skarva's master Cthuga, but was destroyed in the process. The Skarva tried to plead their case to return to Hell, but couldn't speak in rhyme because Blood had pickled their tongues in demon dung. They were forced to use Great White Shark and his lackey Humpty Dumpty as intermediaries, and were returned to Hell. White told Demon he'd pulled a fast one, the Skarva would only be able to torture each other in Hell. Demon told him the Skarva were initially kicked out of Hell for having compassion for those they tortured, but White didn't care, too pleased with how slick he was.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott & Ryan Sook.

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