Membership: Amon Sur, Ampa Nnn, Anti-Monitor, Arkillo, Bedovian, Borialosaurus, Braach, Bur-Gunza, Cyborg-Superman, Despotellis, Devildog, Enkafos, Fatality, Feena Sik, Flayt, Gleen, Haasp The Hunter, Horku, Karu-Sil, Kiriazis, Kretch, Kryb, Low, Lyssa Drak, Maash, Malia, Mallow, Manhunters, Meershom, Mongul, Moose, Murr The Melting Man, Narok, Ranx The Sentient City, Romat-Ru, Schlagg-Man, Scivor, Seer Ruggle, Setagg Rets, Sinestro, Sirket, Slushh, Smithwick, Snap Trap, Sn'Hoj, Stanch, Starro, Superman-Prime, Tekik, Tri-Eye, Vril Dox, Yellow Lantern

Base of Operations: Qward, Anti-Matter Universe

First Appearance: Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 (August, 2007)

History:  (Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1) - With the reborn Anti-Monitor as his guardian, Sinestro formed his own Sinestro Corps. He enslaved the Weaponers of Qward and had them construct a yellow central power battery and 3600 yellow power rings, which he sent out into the known space sectors, each ring choosing a bearer capable of instilling great fear. Sinestro gathered his Corps on Qward and told them their mission, using fear to make the chaos of the universe bend to their will, and to replace it with law and order. Their first step was to burn anyone that would oppose their plan, so they had to destroy the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro sent a squad of Corps soldiers to Oa, where they managed to kill a number of Green Lanterns and break Superboy Prime and Cyborg Superman out of their sciencells, adding them to their ranks. Sinestro had a yellow power ring kidnap Kyle Rayner from Oa, and removed the Ion willpower entity from him. Sinestro imprisoned the entity, and promised to make Kyle feel fear. He revealed that his Corps member Despotellis was the sickness that killed Kyle’s mother. Kyle swore he’d kill Sinestro, but Sinestro reminded him that the GL power rings would not allow their user to commit murder, and that any threat from a Lantern was an empty one. Sinestro promised to target all the loved ones of the GLC, and Kyle finally fealt fear. This allowed Sinestro to infect him with Parallax. Sinestro brought Parallax before the Anti-Monitor, and they prostrated themselves before their master. 

(Green Lantern IV #21) - Sinestro sent out and a number of his corpsmen across the space sectors to pick off Green Lanterns one by one, killing dozens. He promised Superboy Prime and Cyborg Superman that they would both get everything they desired, that fear would deliver it to them. 

(Green Lantern Corps II #14) - The people of Korugar held a rally demanding that Soranik Natu lead them into a new age of prosperity, such as Korugar used to have under the protection of the GLC. Natu reminded her people that as a member of the Corps she couldn’t condone her people overthrowing the government. Sinestro appeared and engaged her in battle, taking their skirmish to the skies. He bested Natu, but told her he would leave and allow the Korugarians to think she was the victor. He knew she rejected power, and feared that it would corrupt her and turn her into someone like him. Sinestro made it clear he needed someone to keep his planet safe, and she was obligated. Sinestro let her fall to Korugar, and just as he suspected, she kept up the premise of being their champion against Sinestro as a matter of duty. The Green Lanterns responded to an all points alert in Space Sector 2263, only to be ambushed by the Sinestro Corps. Before they fell back a number of Lanterns were slaughtered, including Zaneth, and their sector house fell. Emboldened by the victory, Sinestro Corps soldier Enkafos authorized a frontal assault, sending the sentient planet Ranx to attack Mogo.

(Green Lantern IV #22, 23) - Kyle / Parallax battered Hal, promising him he’d feel the same fear his father fealt before he died. Th Sinestro Corps joined the battle, threatening to overwhelm Hal. Parallax told him the GLC despised him and had abandoned him, but just then the Lost Lanterns appeared, with Ke’Haan telling Parallax that although they hated Hal they’d never abandon a fellow Lantern. Parallax killed Jack T. Chance, and Hal and the remaining Lost Lanterns retreated to Qward’s underground catacombs. They split up, with Ke’Haan and his allies attempting to locate the imprisoned Ion, while Hal was joined by Graf Toren and Tomar-Tu in rescuing Guy and John Stewart. They found their comrades, but were confronted by Lyssa Drak, keeper of the Book of Parallax, who was in the process of breaking their friends and making them give in to fear. Elsewhere on Qward Cyborg-Superman prepared New Warworld to act as Anti-Monitor's base, and promised that the universe would soon belong to him. All Cyborg-Superman asked in return was for the Anti-Monitor to end his miserable existence. Hal defeated Lyssa Drak, and freed Guy and John Stewart. Because Hal’s power ring was running low on energy he was forced to don a number of Sinestro Corps rings, his time infected by Parallax gave him a limited mastery over fear. Sinestro appeared and showed Hal he had no true understanding of fear, but just then the Lost Lanterns returned, having rescued Ion from the Anti-Monitor after Ke’Haan sacrificed his life in battle, and the Lanterns returned to the positive-matter universe. The Guardians foresaw the Blackest Night prophecy coming to pass with the rise of the Sinestro Corps, and did the unthinkable, rewriting the Book of Oa. The first of their ten new laws stated that the Corps power rings were authorized to use lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. Cyborg-Superman announced to Sinestro that Warworld was ready, and waiting to attack the Sinestro Corps next target….Earth. 

(Green Lantern Corps II #15, 16) - Enkafos was aboard the sentient planet Ranx when the planet and the Sinestro Corps attacked Mogo, knowing the Corps would not long survive without Mogo to direct power rings to worthy recipients and to mentally train new recruits. Ranx badly wanted revenge against Guy Gardner for his previous humiliation at the Lantern’s hands, but Enkafos calmed him down and assured him personal vendettas could be settled after the GLC was crippled. Ranx ripped a hole in Mogo’s surface and sent in the Children of the White Lobe, the Sinestro Corps latest allies, so they could explode and destroy the power ring at Mogo’s core. Mogo centered his life energies around his core, creating an impenetrable field and giving the GLC enough time to disable the Children. Kilowog sent corpsmen Yat, Kol, Stel and Chthatis off to Ranx to destroy the planet’s brain. The Guardians announced to the Corps that lethal force could be used against the Sinestro Corps, and the Sinestro Corps suffered heavy losses both on Mogo and Ranx, including the loss of Enkafos. The Guardians tried to recall Sodam Yat from Ranx, knowing he was prophesized to be their salvation, and fearing he would die, but he disobeyed orders. Sodam Yat destroyed Ranx, and the Sinestro Corps fled from Mogo, knowing that he was unstoppable now that he was allowed to use his full power.

(Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Cyborg-Superman #1) - Warworld approached Earth, and Sinestro laid out his plan of disabling the JlofA to Cyborg-Superman, and tried to get a rise out of him by mentioning the possibility of an encounter with Superman. Cyborg just mused that he was long past taunts, or wanting revenge, and he looked forward to pursuing his agenda of the end of all life and betraying Sinestro. The Sinestro Corps damaged the JlofA satellite, battered the League, and Warworld entered Earth’s orbit. 

(Green Lantern IV #24) - Sinestro communicated with Hal via his power ring as the Sinestro Corps invaded Earth. He intended to conquer the planet, making it a symbol of the Sinestro Corp’s power and their ability to control any planet. He intended to makes saves of the Earthlings, and execute anyone who did not submit. He was also going to turn Coast City into a mass grave again, and informed Hal that the first victims would be Jim Jordan and his family. Hal flew to Jim’s side and saved his family from being murdered by Parallax. Hal freed Kyle from Parallax and defeated the parasite, but the rest of the Sinestro Corps continued their assault on Earth, only momentarily being held back by Earth’s heroes, and the GLC, who had traveled from Oa to protect the planet. The Anti-Monitor arrived on Earth. 

(Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1, Green Lantern Corps II #17) - The Sinestro Corps continued their war against Earth’s heroes and the GLC. Superboy-Prime joined the battle, but planned for the moment he could betray Sinestro for daring to work with the Anti-Monitor, the being that had destroyed his Earth during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Corps targeted Las Vegas, seeking a new pleasure dome since Ranx was destroyed, Mount Rushmore for its symbolic value, and San Diego for the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s armaments. The Sinestro soldiers were beaten back, and when Arkillo confronted Kilowog in San Diego he promised his men would prevail because they weren’t squeamish about taking a life. After Arkillo slaughtered several bystanders Kilowog crippled him, and ripped off his power ring, along with his ring finger. The Guardians learned of the Anti-Monitor’s plan, using the Sinestro Corps so he could gain control of Earth and the 52, so they recalled the GLC to NYC, where the Monitor had landed. They also made the desperate gambit of imbuing GLC rookie with the powers of Ion, and set him against the Monitor.

(Green Lantern IV #25) - Sodam Yat survived Superman’s attack, and the Sinestro Corps War continued to rage across Earth. Hal and Kyle went to Coast City to protect it from Sinestro, and Hal issued a radio broadcast asking the residents to flee. Not a soul left, everyone had faith Hal would save them from Sinestro. Sinestro and a number of his soldiers engaged Hal and Kyle, and Sinestro told them he’d already won the war. His actions made the Guardians rewrite the Book of Oa, and now that the GLC could use lethal force they would be feared. Sinestro always wanted the GLC to be a more totalitarian police force to bring order to the universe, and he’d succeeded. Sinestro and Hal’s rings were both drained of power, and they squared off in hand-to-hand combat. Hal won, and told Sinestro he was under arrest. In NYC the Anti-Monitor tapped into Earth’s energy and prepared to unleash an anti-matter wave to consume Earth. The GLC ruptured the heart of Anti-Monitor’s Warworld, the Sinestro Corps central power battery, and created a shield around Warworld and the Monitor. The ensuing blast nearly destroyed the Anti-Monitor, and he was finished off by Superman-Prime, who betrayed him for having destroyed his home, Earth-Prime. With the Anti-Monitor destroyed, Sinestro vanquished, and having no way of recharging their rings the Sinestro Corps fled Earth to lick their wounds.

(R.E.B.E.L.S. #10, 11) - Harbinger pursued members of the Sinestro Corps, and when Vril Dox's R.E.B.E.L.S. got in the way she destroyed their ship. Harbinger killed Sinestro corpsman Narok, and his ring sought out Vril Dox, who was thrilled by his newfound power. The R.E.B.E.L.S. fled to the planet Kandato, and after Harbinger killed Sinestro corpsman Meershom, he became a Black Lantern, and Stealth and Harbinger pursued them. During their battle a transmatter portal opened, the creation of Lyrl Dox for Starro. Lyrl, Starro, and High Vanguard members that had become Black Lanterns poured through. Vril tried to remove Lyrl's Starro spore, but his son told him to get away, and asked Vril to save his master Starro, shocking his father. Vril used his power ring to push the Black Lantern's Vril, and Starro back through the portal to Maltus, hoping they'd finish each other off. The ring demanded Vril go to Korugar to join the rest of the Corps, and when he refused the ring flew off his finger for insubordination.

Comments: Created by Geoff Johns

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