Membership: B.C., Razerkut, Spindoc, Uptown

Base of Operations: Miami, Florida

First Appearance: Damage #18 (November, 1995)

History: (Damage #18-20) - Four Symbolix bioengineering experiments escaped from their lab and formed their own gang, Shock-Wave Nation. B.C. was the leader and had the others in his thrall. B.C. was a telepathic virus that quickly burned through his host bodies, and when the Nation saw Symbolix creation Damage on television, they decided hed be a perfect host for B.C. because he was a superhuman, and B.C. could live in him for more than a day. B.C. quickly burned through his host body fighting Damage, and chose to possess Uptown and then Spindoc in order to keep fighting Damage. Razerkut was horrified by the deaths of Uptown and Spindoc and turned against B.C. after he managed to possess Damage. B.C. knocked out Razerkut, and almost killed her before Damage reasserted control over his body. B.C. again took control and tried to meltdown a nuclear plant to draw the attention of Superman, a superhuman he hoped he could live in indefinitely. Munro stopped B.C. from destroying the plant and helped Damage shake off his control. The radiation leaked during the fight killed off B.C.

Comments: Created by Tom Joyner, Bill Marimon & Don Hillman

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