Real Name: None

Class: Extradimensional

Occupation: Bringer of knowledge

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Anti-Critic, Dizzy Wet Schoolmaster, Satan, numerous others

Base of Operations: Library of Dust

First Appearance: Doom Patrol vol. 2 #47 (September, 1991)

Powers:Mr. Evans full powers are unknown, but they seem boundless. He can project his thoughts and ideas, causing them to appear real to others. He can also break the mental inhibitions of people, causing them to act as they normally never would. These mental powers can be used on a few people or extend out over a continent. Mr. Evans can transport himself and others through time and space with ease. In addition, the periscope attached to his head is functional, not merely decorative. Mr. Evans doesn’t particularly care to strain himself when he uses his powers; they take a lot out of him, and he considers himself a delicate and sickly artist. Only the phrase ‘kneecap, single-handed, sheet music, lottery’ can summon Mr. Evans to our world, and he can only be banished by saying that phrase backwards.

History: (Doom Patrol vol. 2 #47, 48) Shadowy Mr. Evans is a mysterious entity residing in a pocket dimension known as the Library of Dust. The Library is a palatial place of rest for Mr. Evans and his demon in training Clanky. Some sections of the library have been made into torture chambers, where Mr. Evans exacts apologies from those who deny the wisdom he brings them, or those that criticize his singing. Some (including him) claim that Mr. Evans is Satan, but it is known for certain that the appearance of Mr. Evans on our plane is a sign of the apocalypse. On a trip to our world Mr. Evans came into conflict with Cliff Steele and Crazy Jane of the Doom Patrol. On arriving, Mr. Evans unleashed repressed lustful desires across the world. Thousands of people fell under Mr. Evans’ sway, and all this unchained libido was noticed by government purity agents known as the Sex Men. The combined efforts of the Sex Men and the Doom Patrol couldn’t stop Mr. Evans, so they attempted to reason with him. Mr. Evans revealed that his appearance was a sign of a forthcoming crisis in our world, the arrival of the demonic Candlemaker, but he still refused to stop his efforts of eliminating restraint and morals from the minds of humanity. Fortunately Cliff Steele played upon his egotism as a singer; tricking Mr. Evans into reciting ‘lottery, sheet music, single-handed, kneecap,’ and forcing him back to the Library of Dust. Mr. Evans’ has not been heard from since.

List of appearances: Doom Patrol vol. 2 #47, 48

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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