Membership: Captain Hagbard, Chief Zoltorus, Dyrk Mags, Garrett, Gigi Cusimano, Imra Ardeen, Jarik Shadder, Kimball Zendak, Kyung, Morkill, Niewa Quav, Officer Ishkindu, Officer S'k'den, Omar Maggs, Roon Dvron, Shvaughn Erin, Smyt, Zoe Saugin

Base of Operations: Metropolis, 30th Century.

First Appearance: Adventure Comics I #300 (September, 1962)


(Adventure Comics I #306) - The Legion held try-outs, and had to reject several well-meaning but unsuited applicants, including Polar Boy, Night Girl, Chlorophyll Kid, Fire Lad and Stone Boy. The rejects met up and were encouraged by Polar Boy that even though they weren’t Legion material, they could still use their powers to help people. They formed the Legion of Substitute Heroes, vowing to help people and, if need be, the Legion of Super-Heroes in their time of need. They built their own clubhouse in the side of a mountain as well as a spaceship and Science Police monitoring system. They got a warning about giant evolved sea creatures that had escaped from the Ocean Research Laboratory, and were quick to respond, but the LOSH were already on the scene wrangling the beasts. The next Science Police alert came when scientists who’d built a domed city in the Arctic went rogue. They secretly built an atomic power plant under the dome, propelling the city into space, and delivered an ultimatum that they’d use the advanced weaponry they’d built to attack Earth unless they were given tribute. The Substitute Heroes flew into space, but Sun Boy of the Legion streaked through space near the domed city, and fearing they were about to be hit by a meteorite the scientists piloted their city back to Earth where they were apprehended by Colossal Boy and Cosmic Boy. Robot-ships attacked Earth and Polar Boy offered the Legion back-up, but Brainiac 5 refused him, saying the mission was too dangerous for untrained civilians. The Substitute Heroes’ anxieties finally got to them, and they decided they were no help as a team after all and prepared to disband. Chlorophyll Kid spotted seeds that had rained down from space, and used his plant growth powers on one. The seed grew into a plant man that attacked him, and the Substitute Heroes defeated it, and Fire-Lad incinerated the rest of the seeds. They learned from their monitor system that the seeds had come from a distant planet that had also sent the robot-ships. The robot-ships were meant to divert the Legion while the planet rocketed more seeds to Earth to conquer the planet. The Substitutes traveled to the planet, found the warehouse storing millions of seeds, and Chlorophyll Kid used his powers to prematurely grow them to plant men. The planet was now burdened with a population explosion, and had to cease its’ plans of invasion. The Substitutes decided to stay together after all, and were pleased to keep their victory a secret amongst themselves, and attended a parade for the Legion celebrating their defeat of the robot-ships.

(Adventure Comics I #308) - The commissioner of the Science Police learned that the rumored Thieves’ Planet where crooks from around the universe hid out was a reality, and although he didn’t know the exact location he knew which space sector it was in. The Legion flew to an asteroid in the sector, waiting for any criminal ships to pass by. When they spotted one Cosmic boy, still unsure of Lightning Lad’s powers, ordered the legionnaire to take it down with a lightning bolt. Sub Boy reflected a burst of heat and light off a cliff behind Lightning Lad, which struck the criminal ship, bringing it down. The criminals were from the Hydra World, and had stolen a group of rare animals from an intergalactic zoo. The Legion placed the animals safely onboard their own ship, but Chameleon Boy took a liking to Proty, a Protean that could shapeshift just like him, and decided to keep him as a pet. Thieves’ World was hidden from the world by an invisibility shield, but the Legion located it using the coordinates set in the Hydra World criminal’s spaceship. The Legion tried to pass themselves off as criminals, but the master of Thieves’ World was a telepathic sentient ball of electricity and soon found them out. He had his Atom Guard robots apprehend them and throw them in his jewel jail, but Chameleon Boy had his new pet transform into a gun, allowing the Legion to bluff their way out of prison when a guard came to feed them. The Legion tore through Thieves’ World, apprehending a number of criminals, and Lightning Lad used his powers to short-circuit the master.

(Adventure Comics I #309) - The Science Police alerted the Legion after rejected Legionnaire Monster Master and his Legion of super-Monsters robbed the Space Bank and bragged he’d go after the rarest gems in the universe. Brainiac 5 deduced that he could only be talking about the comet jewels of Korr’s Sky City. Monster Master ironically ended up being killed by a rejected monster who wanted to join his Legion.

(Legion of Super-Heroes III #3) - Marte Allon and Wynn Allon met R.J. Brande to discuss her stepping down as President of Earth. Brande disliked being crowded by her Science Police detail, but Marte said Chief Zendak insisted they accompany her after the death threat case. She admitted she was happy to be stepping down and returning to teaching, hoping to spend more time with her family. Brande grumbled that the U.P. computers would select a new President who would triple his paperwork and create new trouble for the Legion. Marte asked if that was avoidable, and Brande replied that with money like his anything was avoidable.

(Legion of Super-Heroes III #7) - Science Police officers Garrett and Morkil discovered the dead P.I. M. Wayne on Winarth. Searching their data files they realized Timber Wolf of the Legion had sent him to the planet, and that M. Wayne was a descendant of Batman. Colossal Boy helped his mother pack up her belongings so she could return home. He said he was just getting used to the idea of her as President, and she responded that she felt the same way, which was part of the reason she resigned. Chief Zendak sent out an alert asking for Legion assistance. The remaining members of the Legion of Super-Villains were approaching Earth, and he wanted them arrested before landing. Colossal Boy was quick to respond. The rest of the Legion met with Shvaugn Erin and prepared for takeoff in their hangar.

(Legion of Super-Heroes III #8) - The Legion and Gigi Cusimano and Shvaugn Erin in their new Science Police battle armor, cornered the remaining members of the Legion of Super-Villains on the planet S’cardas IV. The Science Police attached an intensifier to Sun Emperor, giving him feedback from his own power, and blasted Spider Girl unconscious. Wildfire defeated Cosmic King while Blok took out his former teammate Neutrax, saying he was more confused than dangerous. White Witch used a dispersal spell to reveal Chameleon Chief, who was trying to hide by disguising himself as a rock, and Lightning Lass accidentally stepped on Micro Lad, putting an end to the evil team. The Science Police loaded the LSV on a ship to Takron-Galtos, and Erin asked Wildfire if he’d like to join them and say hello to all the criminals they’d put away. Wildfire said he’d seen quite enough of Takron-Galtos lately and told Erin to make sure the Science Police started doing a better job keeping their prisoners locked up. Erin shed a tear, asking Wildfire to find Element Lad and the other missing Legionnaires and promising to personally throw away the keys to the prison planet.

 (Legion of Super-Heroes III #9) - The Legion were reunited with their members lost in Limbo, and threw a huge party. Zendak attended, and when he learned his nephew Symyn was lost in Catskill Park he decided to send Shvaughn Erin to find him with a life detector instead of leaving the party. Lightning Lass yelled at him for being so unthoughtful. Shvaughn found the buy, whose leg had been pinned under a tree, and was shocked when Element Lad came to meet her, having skipped the party. After shedding some tears of gratitude she took him back to her apartment, and said she felt they’d been getting really close right before he disappeared. Element Lad said he didn’t want to keep anything from her, and had some secrets to get off his chest, but was embarrassed. Shvaughn said he could tell her all about it after they had some intimate time together. They were interrupted by a holo-call from Kimball Zendak, who told Shvaughn there was trouble in Hong Kong and the Legion would have to be sent in. Element Lad apologized for having to leave, and arranged with Dream Girl to have Chameleon Boy, Invisible Kid, Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet meet him there. The Sklarians were illegally shipping frozen organs to their home planet and the Legion shut them down. Roon Dvron met the Legion Academy to investigate the shooting of Laurel Grand, and he hoped that if he cracked the case he’d get a promotion.

(Legion of Super-Heroes III #10) - The Worldcomp computer chose the candidates for the next President of the Earth, and the Khunds assembled a terror team to assassinate the candidates. Chief Zendak learned of their plot, and fearing it was a diversion to pave the way for a Khund invasion of Earth he had the majority of the Legion of Super-Heroes fly a spaceship into Earth’s orbit to keep watch alongside Science Police crafts. The rest of the Legion were assigned to protect the candidates. The Legion stopped all the Khund’s assassination attempts, with the Science Police taking the Khunds into custody.

(Legion of Super-Heroes III #11) - Niewa Quav met with Chief Zendak to discuss the crimewatcher program that automatically filed arrest reports and officer Dvron’s lack of progress in finding out who shot Laurel Kent. Zendak complained about the amount of paperwork he had to get through, saying he wished he could burn it all. Sun Boy, who’d stopped by to see him, obliged, infuriating Zendak. Sun Boy said he needed to make time to talk to him about Gigi Cusimano. Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad visited Glacier Point, Antarctica, home to a medium-security prison, because the two men who’d tried to assassinate R.J. Brande years ago were up for parole. They reflected on how that assassination attempt brought them together for the first time, and were surprised that when they told the inmates they were free to go they didn’t recognize the Legionnaires at all, hitting home the point home much things had changed for the Legion after so many years. The Science Police flew the inmates to Metropolis, where they’d receive one last round of psychic rehabilitation to remove their criminal tendancies before setting them free.

(Legion of Super-Heroes III #12) - The Science Police relaxed in their rec room, with Smyt noting that the new crimewatcher program now did most of their work. Roon Dvron told his fellow officers he still had no leads on Laurel Kent’s would-be killer, but said he’d surely solve the case, although his fellow officers weren’t so sure of his abilities. Gigi Cusimano wanted to put money on who’d be the new leader of the Legion, and asked Shvaughn if she had the inside scoop, but Shvaughn swore she knew as much as Gigi did.

(Legion of Super-Heroes III #14) - The Legion’s newest candidates were given a trial by fire, joining the Legion on a mission to find out why the bridges and drainage systems of the California Coastal District were breaking down. Brainiac 5 led the mission, and the Science Police were on hand rescuing civilians who were in danger of drowning. The Dark Circle was behind the damage done, and the new recruits foiled them.

(DC Comics Presents #59) - Ambush Bug hitched a ride on Superman while he was travelling to the 40th Century on an errand. He couldn't bring the Bug, so he stopped by the 30th century and dropped him by the Legion of Substitute Heroes, who were subbing for the MIA Legion. Ambush Bug escaped, and started messing with the Science Police. Chief Zendak requested Superman and the Subs presence, and groaned when the Subs said they were sending in their auxillaries to capture the Bug.

Comments: Created by Jerry Siegel, John Forte & Al Plastno.

The Science Police received a profile in Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #5.

The Science Police's appearance in Adventure Comics I #308 was reprinted in Adventure Comics I #403, 500, Adventure Comics I #309 was reprinted in Adventure Comics I #500, Legion of Super-Heroes III #3, 7-12, 14 was reprinted in Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #328, 332-337, 339.

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