Membership: Director, Manager, Operator Seven, Operator Twenty-Four

Base of Operations: Scavengers Depots worldwide

First Appearance: Forever People I #10 (August-September, 1972)

Powers: The Scavenger Operators were all accomplished thieves equipped with supersonic planes and magnetic boots. The Directors and Managers were all accomplished businessmen and sellers on the black market.

History: (Forever People I #10) - The mission statement of the Scavengers was to provide elite buyers with super-merchandise for the super-age. Scavenger Operator Seven stole a pollution-free engine and reported back to his Director, who handed the next mission off to another Operator, a wealthy client wanted an Egyptian pyramid for his estate. Operator Twenty-Four located a “Follower,” a piece of New Genesis bio-technology, and brought it to the Director. The Director disliked the “Follower” because it was in the image of dead circus acrobat Boston Brand, and ordered it destroyed. The Forever People had crafter the “Follower” for Brand’s spirit so he could pursue his killer, and they arrived at the Scavenger Depot in time for their friend to reclaim his new body. Brand had recently learned that his murderer had a hook on his right hand, just like the Director, and attacked him. The Director attacked Brand and the Forever People with the Scavenger’s full arsenal, and prepared to destroy the Depot and move on to another, but was foiled by the heroes. The Director told Boston Brand he’d won only a minor victory. There were many other Scavenger Depots, each run by a Director with a hook on his right hand. Brand vowed to shut down the Scavengers and find his killer.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby

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