MembershipIvan Byturnozov, Jean Le Feet, Sir Reginald Ratfinque

Base of Operations: Mobile, Earth-12

First AppearancePlastic Man I #5 (July-August, 1967)

History (Plastic Man I #5) - International criminal organization SAPMALAL (Society to Assassinate Plastic Man And Live A Little) were having their annual get-together and offering a five million dollar door prize to anyone who could kill Plastic Man. Plas told his friend Gordy K. Trueblood that he knew every crook looking to make a name for themselves would be after him, and as they walked down the street Plas had to dodge several assassination attempt including a falling safe, a painted tarp placed over an open manhole, and an out-of-control car that tried to run him down. Plas was the guest of honor for the first voyage of a new class of sea scouts, and on the voyage he had to fend off SAPMALAL members Ivan Byturnozov and Jean Le Feet. In a bid to get some peace Plas created the supervillain identity of the Assassin, stormed into the SAPMALAL meeting and announced that he was going to be the one to do away with Plastic Man. Plas, as the Assassin, tossed Gordy, dressed as Plas off a bridge and announced he’d killed the hero, making front page news. Plas told Gordy, who was recovering from a cold after his dip, that he was going to donate the 5 million door prize to cancer research. When Plas went to get his pay he was confronted by the real Assassin, which confused Plas, since he thought he’d dreamed up the identity himself. The Assassin based his character on an old Marble Comics supervillain, and Plas realized he must have read Marble Comics as a kid and subconsciously done the same thing. Plas gave away his identity when the Assassin fought him, but with the help of Gordy Plas managed to defeat the Assassin and SAPMALAL.

Comments: Created by Arnold Drake & Win Mortimer.

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