Membership: Ace of Spades, Jack of Spades, King of Spades, Queen of Spades, Ten of Spades

Base of Operations: Brazil

First Appearance: Villains United #4 (October, 2005)

History: After the demise of the Royal Flush Gang, a new street-gang styled version took their place in Luthor's Society of villains.

(Firestorm II #17) - Luthor used the hero Firestorm and Gehenna to power a top-secret Brazilian site. Firestorm broke loose, and rescued Gehenna from her captivity. The heroes were beset by Black Adam, Parasite, Syonide, and the new Royal Flush Gang. The battle was joined by Queen Bee and the H.I.V.E., but they couldn’t stop Firestorm from blowing up the installation and escaping.

(Firestorm II #21, 22) - The Society orchestrated a countrywide prison breakout of met humans, and the Royal Flush Gang targeted Detroit, leaving twelve dead after a brutal assault on mall-goers. A thug named Goose asked to join their gang, and as an initiation they told him he had to rob a bank at gunpoint. Goose’s initiation was ruined by Alvin Rusch, father of the hero Firestorm

Comments: Created by Gale Simone & Dale Eaglesham.

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