Membership: Blacksmith, Girder, Magenta, Mirror Master II, Murmur, Plunder, Trickster II, Weather Wizard

Base of Operations: Keystone City, Kansas

First Appearance: Flash Iron Heights (2001)

History: (Flash: Iron Heights) - After Blacksmith allied herself with Plunder, Magenta and Mirror Master they helped Murmur, Girder and Weather Wizard escape from Iron Heights. Blacksmith had assembled her Rogues, an updated version of the old Flash’s Rogues Gallery.

(Flash Secret Files #3) - The Rogues sent Murmur to slaughter his enemies at radio stations KKEY and KKSS, using this as a cover to have Mirror Master set up mirror devices that would be activated by the radio stations. The mirrors would, when the time was right, set up a mirror around Keystone City that would cut it off from the outside world

(Flash II #181) - The Rogues orchestrated Flash Jay Garrick’s wife Joan being exposed to radiation from Fallout, and Plunder shot his Earthly counterpart detective Jare Morillo and took his place on the KCPD.

(Flash III #183) - The Rogues supervised a Network sale of black-market merchandise. The new Trickster earned membership in the Rogues after stealing Keith Kenyon’s files on the Network and erasing Hunter Zoloman’s computer database of Rogue profiles.

(Flash II #184-188) - The Rogues eliminated the last of Flash’s allies when Mirror Master trapped Cyborg and the KCPD in a mirror. The Rogues demanded Flash have a showdown with them in Central City. Flash fought valiantly, but the Rogues soon had him on the run. He ran to Keystone, which had been taken over by the Thinker. Thinker and the Rogues both claimed Flash for themselves. Flash fled, and the Rogues pursued him. Mirror Master activated the reflection, a mirror that would keep the world unaware of their activities in Keystone. By the time the Rogues found Flash his mind had been taken over by the Thinker. Although the Rogues separated Flash from the Thinker, Keith Kenyon rescued Flash and brought him to safety before the Rogues could kill him. Flash defeated the Thinker and Kenyon tipped off the FBI about the Network. The Rogues attacked Kenyon and Flash, defeating them. Blacksmith knew she had to leave the city with her Network, but intended to cause as much destruction as she could before leaving, and summoned the Network to wreck havoc. Kenyon gathered his unions to battle the Network, buying Flash time to defeat the Rogues, with only Trickster, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard escaping. Blacksmith knew she was defeated and tried to destroy the Van Buren Bridge connecting Central City to Keystone City. Flash rebuilt the bridge stronger than before, and defeated Blacksmith.

Comments: Created by Geoff Johns

The Rogues received a profile in Flash Secret Files #3.

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