Membership: Haakud, High-One

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Demon I #3 (November, 1972)

History(Demon I #3) - The Reincarnators, also known as the Cult of the Master Eye, operated for millennia and mostly kept their existence a secret. They used the mystic engine Master Eye to return subjects to their past lives, fully reincarnating the past subject into the present. In modern times the U.N. investigated the cult, so the Reincarnators marked the investigators for death. The High-One, leader of the cult, and his servant Haakud, turned a man into his Neanderthal ancestor to murder the Khendustan U.N. delegate. They next targeted Randu Singh, and turned his friend Harry Matthews into his ancestor Pistol the pirate. Randuís friend Jason Blood was the demon Etrigan, and he subdued Pistol, who soon turned back to Harry. The Reincarnators next sent medieval executioner Mord after Randu, but Etrigan stopped him and followed the Reincarnators back to their headquarters. The Demon destroyed the Master-Eye, source of the Reincarnators power, and when the High-One tried to bring out a past life he was transformed into a bug, which Etrigan squashed.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby

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