Real Name: Max (last name unknown)

Class: Altered human

Occupation: Lab assistant, assassin

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Phoenix, AZ

First Appearance: Starman vol. 1 #29 (December, 1990)

Powers: Plazmax has a body made of conductive polymer, making him virtually indestructible, vulnerable only to high temperatures. He can also inflate his body to a gigantic size. Plasmax can hold and release electric charges at will; the larger his body expands, the more charge he can utilize. Plazmax's buoyant body allows him to float through the air.

History: (Starman vol. 1 #29)-Max was working as a lab assistant to a mad professor in Phoenix, but was soon promoted to guinea pig. The scientist treated Max's skin with a polymer that made him virtually indestructible, but also robbed him of his humanity. Max was now Plasmax, the Inflatable Assassin. Plasmax was rented out to criminals Prescott and Duncan, who sent him to kill an old colleague of theirs named Melrose. Plasmax was unable to finish off Melrose due to the intervention of Starman V, but Prescott and Duncan finished the job for him. Starman was able to puncture Plasmax's body, causing him to seemingly deflate into nothingness.

(Starman vol. 1 #39)-Plasmax survived his fight with Starman, but the experience left him permanently bent. He began roaming Phoenix and killing people at random to attract Starman's attention. Starman attended a high profile rodeo event to flush out Plasmax, and the pair engaged in a battle that ended when Plasmax swallowed Starman. Starman was able to heat up the air inside Plazmax's body, forcing him to expand until he exploded. Starman had the local police find all the pieces remaining of Plasmax and burn them to ashes. One piece, however, landed miles away, and Plasmax is likely recuperating for his next assault.

List of appearances: Starman vol. 1 #29, 39

Comments: Created by Len Strazewski & Grant Miehm

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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