Membership: Captain Brent Wood, General Horatio Tomorrow, Tommy Tomorrow

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the galaxy, 21st Century

First Appearance: Action Comics I #127 (December, 1948)


(Action Comics I #226) - Space bandit Dark Starr and his crew hijacked the ship of adwriter Al Todd, and had him change the wording of an asteroid billboard to direct people looking for spacecraft service to the Green Asteroid, the base of the bandits. Starr froze Todd solid with a gun so he couldn't rat him out to the Planeteers, and returned to the Green Asteroid, waiting to rob anyone coming looking to service their craft. Tommy Tomorrow and Captain Brent Wood found Todd's frozen body, and brought him to the hospital, but had no idea why he was attacked. Tommy carried out Todd's other signwriting missions, using a vacuum to make an ad in Saturn's rings and forming asteroids into a lettered ad among other assignments. He realized Al's add used red spray meant for other ads on the billboard for the Green Asteroid, and deduced Dark Starr's scheme. He found the space bandit camp and rounded them up.

(Action Comics I #227) - Tommy and his commandant went over the latest batch of Planeteer recruits, and were greeted by Jerry Hale, the first woman to apply. The commandant said he wouldn't stand for it, but she pointed out that there was nothing in the Planeteers charter that said women couldn't join, and the commandant admitted he never thought any would apply. Tommy took her on the Planeteer test flight to gauge her skills, and she effortlessly made her way past space icicles, a space mirage, a space hurricane and an electric rainbow, among other obstacles. They landed on the asteroid Little Earth at the end of the course, and Tommy said she'd passed with flying colors. She admitted that she wasn't really interested in being a Planeteer. Her father ran a space ferry from Earth to Little Earth, and she learned to fly from him. She only went on the recruitment drive to reach Little Earth to retrieve a valuable cargo her father once had to dump when his engine failed. Tommy helped her retrieve the treasure, undoing the only blemish on her father's records. Her performance changed the commandant's mind about women, and he decided to start a Girls' Corps of Planeteers, while Tommy found he couldn't get Jerry out of his head.

(Action Comics I #228) - Tommy and Brent went to an asteroid to break up the racket of the Dream Palace, where people paid to have movies beamed into their heads. The racketeers escaped, and Tommy smashed their equipment, chiding the customers for wasting their time on fantasies. Brent arrested the customers, and Tommy tracked the Dream Studio hq down on the Wayward Asteroid. The crooks caught Tommy and forced him to act in one of their dream movies, where Tommy would be undone by bandit "Moon" Murdock. The final scene would have "Moon," played by a robot, beat Tommy senseless, but he fled to another set, a dream of big-game hunting, and used the set's ray gun to disable the robot and bring the racketeers in.

(Action Comics I #229) - Brent and Tommy went on a space mission, and Tommy came down with a case of space fever, making him see rainbow halos on everything. A doctor treated him, and instructed him to drink milk every hour for three days to return to good health. The Planeteer chief sent Tommy and Brent on the yearly mission of planting Planeteer flags at outposts of the worlds they defended as required by intergalactic law, and Tommy hooked up a tanker of milk to their craft. A small asteroid punctured the tank, and the milk soon drained out. In desperation Tommy and Brent went to a Planeteer protected world that was home to a bull-like alien, and after subduing it they milked it. When that milk ran out they punctured the milkweed cactus on Blue World, and on another planet they found a crashed spaceship with canned milk inside. They continued their mission, but no other planets had milk substitutes, so Tommy flew back to where the asteroid punctured their ship, remembering that the spilled milk would be frozen in space, and he recovered enough to cure his space fever.

(Action Comics I #230) - Brent and Tommy were given a temporary assignment of running the Space Lost & Found Dept., with Brent acting as dispatcher and Tommy recovering lost items. The Space Motel lost it's meteor signpost, which Tommy found had been drawn to the horseshoe asteroid by magnetic force, and he solved the problem by blasting the asteroid with atomic torpedoes. An anonymous caller reported a glimmer at the bottom of the blue asteroid's lake, and Tommy recovered giant glasses, wondering if the asteroid was once home to a race of giants. Other calls directed him to a giant button, wristwatch and ring. At Planeteers Headquarters the Planeteers assembled a replica of a giant that may have once lived on the blue asteroid. The giant accoutrements were planted by space bandits, who foresaw that the Planeteers would use them to make a replica, and when placed in proximity to each other they formed a beam of super-light that penetrated Planeteers Headquarters and allowed the bandits to spy on them. The Planeteers were planning a space run to transport valuable materials, and the bandits tried to ambush them. Tommy expected the bandits and arrested them. Their undoing was scaling the ring and wristwatch differently, and Tommy told his commandant he knew it was a ruse because no being had ever existed with one hand larger than the other.

Comments: Created by Otto Binder & Curt Swan.

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