Membership: Brandor, Buck Alec, Clagnut Twins, Flange, Helmoot of Kulibaki, Prince of Mince, Rancid Scabies, Tohjamm, Uriah

Base of Operations: Hell

First Appearance: Demon III #40 (October, 1993)

History:  (Demon III #40) - When Brandor was a young demon he ran the North-Hell Bloods with Etrigan and feuded with Rectomm and the Southside Crips. They massacred the Crips, but soon grew apart. Brandor later became a biker demon running with the Pitriders. Satanist biker Johnny Basterson and his gang broke into a church and desecrated it to summon Brandor. Johnny asked to be possessed in order to raise cain, and Brandor was happy to oblige. After killing some local cops Johnny / Brandor took them to Gotham Cathedral and sacrificed a man on the alter, planning to summon the Pitriders and have them possess Johnny's gang. The Pitriders roared towards the gates of Hell when Etrigan, who'd been following Johnny and foiled his plan by killing his gang. Etrigan reached down Johnny's throat and pulling out Brandor. Brandor told his old friend not to overreact and Etrigan bit his head off before setting Johnny's head on fire and calling him "Toast Rider." The Pitriders were disappointed they didn't get some time outside Hell, and said they should take care of Etrigan at some point.

Comments: Created by Garth Ennis & John McCrea.

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