MembershipBlind B******, Scarrior, others unnamed

Base of Operations: 853rd Century

First AppearanceHitman #1,000,000 (November, 1998)

History(Hitman #1,000,000) - In the 853rd Century civilians could become superheroes by using power icons, relics of 20th Century superheroes filled with iconic energy, to replicate their powers. Overforce was a group of such heroes, and during a fight against Goblin Girl they teamed up with Over-Patrol, but were forced to leave them for dead. Gwant, son of the owner of the Chronex Corporation, and his friends transported Hitman to the 853rd Century, hoping to drain his iconic energy and become heroes themselves. Hitman made it clear he was a killer, not a hero and he had no intention of helping them. Gwant’s unkillable cat urinated on Hitman’s leg, so he kicked it out a window of the Chronex Corporation, attracting the attention of Gunfire. Hitman shot him in the kneecap, and when Gunfire used his power to turn anything he touched into a weapon he accidentally turned his own rear end into a hand grenade and blew up. This brought in Overforce, but they were confronted by Over-Patrol, who’d seemingly returned to life to seek vengeance against them. The Over-Patrol revealed themselves as the Overforce’s arch enemies the League of Schweinhunds in disguise and they had a titanic battle. Hitman was tired of all the superhero shenanigans and threw a grenade at the superteams, killing them all.

Comments: Created by Garth Ennis & John McCrea.

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