Membership: Amazing Ronnie, Billy, Doctor Scary, Hairy Larry, Lizard Johnny, Mighty Mary

Base of Operations: Ronkite Medical Center

First Appearance: 1st Issue Special #10 (January, 1976)

History: (1st Issue Special #10)-Dr. Goodie was a world-famous surgeon chosen to go on a mission to space. In an attempt to land on Venus his craft crashed, and his body was shattered. Aliens reconstructed him and sent him back to Earth, but he was permanently deformed. Dr. Goodie began to feel sympathetic towards people viewed as freaks and made it his mission to save them from persecution. Under the identity Doctor Scary he rescued a number of unfortunate mutants and freaks of nature, taking them to his secret refuge under the Ronkite Medical Center. They banded together as the Outsiders, and their first mission was to rescue the mutant Billy from an angry mob. Their further activities have not been recorded.

List of appearances: 1st Issue Special #10

Comments: Created by Jerry Grandenetti & Joe Simon

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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