Membership: None named

Base of Operations: Intergalactic

First Appearance: Lobo I #3 (January, 1991)

History: (Lobo I #3) - The Orthography Commandos made it their mission to make the universe free of the ignorant and functionally illiterate, kidnapping people in their starship and forcing them to compete in a spelling bee. The rules were simple, spell or die. Only a three-time champion was allowed the choice of going free or joining the Commandos. They abducted Miss E. Tibb and Lobo for their 14th annual bee, and Lobo did surprisingly well since all his words were violence-related. It came down to Tibb and Lobo, and when she told them she was a teacher and that Lobo had mistreated her they shackled him and prepared to execute him. Lobo broke out and massacred them.

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen, Alan Grant & Simon Beasley

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