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Membership: Dan the Dyna-Mite, Dinky, Doiby Dickles, Merry, Woman of a Thousand Gimmicks, Sisty, Thorndyke

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Young Justice #10 (July, 1999)

History: A group of former kid sidekicks from the 1940s banded together as Old Justice to promote respect for the elderly. Old Justice didn't get a warm public reception and they have been at odds with Young Justice, whom they felt disrespected the legacy of heroes past.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1) - Old Justice and a news crew showed up at a deserted hotel in the Catskills where Young Justice was in hiding, and demanded that Young Justice turn themselves over to the authorities to answer for defacing Mt. Rushmore. Young Justice didn’t want a fight, but Thorndyke baited them, and the teams clashed. Thorndyke was almost accidentally killed during the fight before Wonder Girl saved him. This made Old Justice rethink their agenda against the youths. They revealed that their backer was Amada Spence, who always kept them updated about Young Justice’s whereabouts so that Old Justice could ambush them at will. Old Justice agreed to attend Young Justice’s Justice for All rally in Washington, where the youth’s would plead their case to the public. At the rally a number of superteams attended, and it was interrupted by Klarion, who magically de-aged the JLA and JSA into infancy. Doiby Dickles pulled out an extraterrestrial aging gun to return the heroes to their proper age, but another of Klarion’s spells intercepted his shot. The result was that the members of Young Justice were aged to adulthood, but the other heroes remained children and young teens.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2) - Doiby tried using his new raygun on the JLA, JSA and Young Justice but it had no effect. Since the heroes’ ages were skewed by a combination of magic and science, they would need Klarion’s cooperation to undo the transformation. Old Justice joined the other heroes in attacking the Agenda’s headquarters in Alaska, where Superboy, Superman, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman were being held hostage. The hq was defended by the Junior Injustice Society, but the heroes prevailed, forced the Agenda to flee, and freed the prisoners. They then forced Klarion to team with Doiby and return everyone to their proper age. Old Justice came away from this adventure with a newfound respect for the younger generation of heroes.

Comments: Created by Peter David

Old Justice was profiled in Young Justice Secret Files #1.

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