Real Name: Unknown

Class: Human villain

Occupation: Rare book collector, professional criminal

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Police Comics #25 (December, 1943)

Powers:Number Seven is somewhat skilled with firearms, and he also possesses a gun that shoots the same liquid fire that disfigured him.

History: (Police Comics #25)-A soldier serving in WWI was so horribly disfigured by liquid fire that he was unable to be identified. He became known simply as Number Seven. It’s unclear whether or not even Number Seven remembers who he used to be. He spent years in isolation, with books as his only joy in life. He began hoarding rare books, even using criminal means to obtain them. Number Seven usually had others do his dirty work for him; he only left the seclusion of his house on a bungled job. Getting a first edition copy of ‘The Life of Thomas Quince’ proved to be very problematic for Number Seven, as both his flunkeys and other ambitious criminals ended up killing each other and attracting the attention of Plastic Man. Plaz easily tracked down and captured Number Seven, who wasn’t too bothered about going to jail. He was, however, furious that the so-called first edition book was a mere forgery.

List of appearances: Police Comics #25

Comments: Created by Jack Cole

In the pre-Crisis DC Universe Number Seven lived on Earth-2. Number Seven, like most characters from the golden age Plastic Man stories, may or may not be a part of post-Crisis DC continuity.

Number Seven was originally a Quality Comics character, which DC obtained the rights to in 1956.

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