Membership: Number One, Number Two, Petey

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: Detective Comics I #281 (July, 1960)

History:  (Detective Comics I #281) - Batman caught up with the notorious Night Owl Gang as their leader Number One prepared to show them where he'd his their loot. Batman unmasked Number One and Number Two, but they escaped when a stray swordfish prop pinned Batman's cape to the floor. Batman's ID of Number Two as Wedge Dixon led to his arrest, but Number One told him that since Batman was the only witness he could kill him while out on bail and the state would have no evidence against him. The Night Owls lured Batman and Robin to an abandoned mine, and dynamited it. The Night Owls hoped Batman was dead, but he returned to the scene two days later. Two suspected Batman was dead and a robot had taken his place due to underworld rumors about Batman's halting movement and speech. He tipped off the police to a Gorman Gang robbery, and saw for himself that Batman was a robot. At Two's trial his judge exposed Batman with an x-ray and Two was freed. Robin announced Batman's death to the press, but the whole story was a hoax designed to find out the Night Owl's treasure cache. Batman had survived the cave-in by diving into a mine shaft, and after Two was freed Batman knocked him unconscious and disguised himself as him. Number One led Two to the hidden loot, and Batman revealed his identity, quickly rounding up the gang with Robin. With evidence from the stolen goods the entire gang could be charged for a host of crimes.

Comments: Created by Bill Finger & Sheldon Moldoff.

The Night Owl Gang's appearance in Detective Comics I #281 was reprinted in Batman I #182.

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