Membership: Aquagirl, Brother Blood VII, Dove I, Hawk I, Kole, Omen, Phantasm

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Teen Titans III #30 (January 2006)

History: (Teen Titans III #30, 31) - Brother Blood found Kid Eternity in Limbo and bit him, gaining some of his powers over life and death, and chained him to the opening of the door between life and death. He took advantage of the opening of the door, which had been cracked open ever since Superman returned from the dead, to escape from Raven's soul self and free an army of demons from Hell that attacked Los Angeles. He raised Omen from the dead to act as his surrogate mother and raised the deceased Titans Kole, Hawk, Dove, Aquagirl and Phantasm to act as his agents, calling them the New Titans West. The Titans West attacked the Teen Titans, and the battle was a stalemate until Raven freed Kid Eternity, who returned the New Titans to the afterlife.

Comments: Created by Geoff Johns

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