Membership: Big Words, Gabby, Scrapper, Tommy

Base of Operations: Suicide Slum, Metropolis, 1940s era

First Appearance: Star Spangled Comics I #7 (April, 1942)

History: Four Suicide Slum orphans banded together, selling newspapers to get by, and stripping cars when necessary. They robbed a hardware store to get enough money to repair their shack, but were apprehended by police office Jim Harper. The judge was ready to send them to reform school until they came of age, but Jim Harper spoke up for them and they were released into his custody. Jim Harper was secretly the mysteryman Guardian, and he led the reformed Newsboy Legion on many adventures.

(DCU Holiday Bash #2) - <December 24, 1944> The Justice Society put on the Justice Society Canteen for troops home for the holidays, with the Newsboy Legion acting as waiters. Nazi saboteurs tried to blow up the canteen, but were foiled thanks to the help of Ensign James Gordon.

As adults the Newsboy Legion became part of Project: Cadmus, and successfully cloned the Guardian.

Comments: Created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

The Newsboy Legion received a profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #16.

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