Real Name: Neptune Perkins

Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Senator, former author, mysteryman

Group Affiliation: formerly Young All-Stars

Known Relatives: Ross (father, deceased), Debbie Perkins (Deep Blue, adoptive daughter), Arthur Gordon Pym (grandfather), unnamed mother (deceased), unnamed grandmother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: formerly a houseboat that traveled the U.S. coasts

First Appearance: Flash Comics #66 (August-September, 1945)

Powers: Neptune had athletic strength, possessed webbed hands and feet, water-resistant skin and the ability to hold his breath underwater for several minutes. The severe deficiency of sodium salts in his body made it necessary for him to regularly immerse himself in seawater. His special costume was charged with water and allowed himto remain away from the sea for up to 24hours.

History: Ross and his wife, a Titanic survivor, conceived their son in the presence of the Vril., the mystic energy controlled by the alien Dyzan of the Arctic. Ross hoped his son would be born with some of the power, and couldone day oppose his grandfather Arthur Gordon Pym. Neptune was born a mutant, and his deficiency in sodium salt led his father to bring him to sea. Neptune was a natural swimmer, and loved exploring the ocean. After his father's death he spent little time with humanity, and began working on a book on undersea life.

Neptune met the All-Star Squadron in 1942 and helped them disable a Japanese ship. He later served with the Young All-Stars.

(Flash Comics #81) - A globular space vessel landed in the woods of Pennsylvania, and sent out a mental command that drew Hawkman and Neptune Perkins to it. The heroes weren’t sure what was going on, but decided to enter the vessel, which flew them to Venus. They met a Venusian scientist, who said he’d been observing the heroes through his electronic telescope and had need of their powers to save Venus. The scientist had recreated mythological creatures from Earth as a scientific experiment, but while he was on honeymoon they escaped. A roc terrorized the skies, while a kraken made seafaring deadly for Venusians. The scientist knew Hawkman had mastered the sky just as Neptune had mastered the sea, and said they were just the heroes he needed to deal with the monsters. Hawkman and Neptune confronted their respective enemies in their element, but couldn’t harm them and were lucky to escape with their lives. They decided to lure the creatures into fighting each other, and the monsters destroyed each other. The Venusian scientist was grateful for their help and gave them radium to give to the people of Earth, saying it would help in their fight to cure cancer.

(Aquaman V #23-25) - The President contacted Senator Perkins to meet Shaxak of the alien Hunters, who'd promised a golden age for Earth. The Hunters had hostile encounters with seafaring populaces, and Neptune was responsible for making sure there'd be no further conflict. Aquaman came to Washington to meet with the Hunter leader Accord, but Washington was attacked  by the Hunters' former ally Tiamat, and Perkins rushed the President to safety. Accord admitted to Aquaman that the golden age would begin with a harrowing of humanity, and Aquaman broadcast his comments with Atlan's portal, ensuring that the Hunters offer would be refused. The Hunters left Earth, but promised to return when humanity destroyed itself.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox & Joe Kubert

Neptune Perkins received profiles in Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #16 and Who's Who Update '88 #2. He received a profile in Who's Who Update '87 #1 under the Young All-Stars entry.

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