Membership: Garguax, Mr. Somebody, surveyor, sniffer, others unnamed

Base of Operations: Pan-dimensional

First Appearance(mentioned) Doom Patrol V #7 (April, 2010) (seen) Doom Patrol V #8 (May, 2010)

History: (Doom Patrol V #12 (fb, BTS), 7 (BTS), 8, 9) - The MSE, or Mr. Somebody Enterprises, were a pan-dimensional construction company that entered dimensions, claimed eminent domain, and cleared away all life forms that could not or would not leave their dimension by force. They'd been founded by the former Mr. Nobody, who'd reinvented himself as the corporate monster Mr. Somebody. They found the sentient geography Danny the Street, and destroyed him and his inhabitants to make way for Fractal Oasis, a series of luxury condominiums. Danny sent a single brick to his old friend Crazy Jane, and asked her to deliver it to the Doom Patrol. The MSE followed Jane to Earth, and immediately claimed it as their own, dispatching a surveyor to access the dimension, and a sniffer to counter any resistance. The MSE were opposed by the Doom Patrol, and the amount of resistance forced them to do a cost analysis scenario. They determined that Earth and its multiverse had been made structurally unstable by numerous crises that weakened the integrity of the multiverse by repeated rebooting. They abandoned Earth, but left up a MSE sign designating it a waste plane that could be used as a dumping ground for other dimensions.

(Doom Patrol V #10, 12) - Mr. Somebody, going against the Surveyor and V.P. Garguax, decided to extend M.S.E.ís influence to his own plane of existence. He put the M.S.E. to work aiding his corporate super team the Front Men. Miniaturized MSE workers accompanied Porcelain Doll, whose power was to shatter her body to create a projectile attack. Their job was to patch her back together again.

(Doom Patrol V #20, 22) - The Doom Patrol were kicked off Oolong, and with the M.S.E. and Front Men fully embedded Mr. Somebody made his play, revealing to President Cale that he wanted her nation for his own. The Doom Patrol stormed Oolong, and defeated the Front Men. Ambush Bug let Somebody know, using his cosmic awareness, that DC was canceling the Doom Patrol comic, and the DC Universe was being remade after the company wide crossover Flashpoint. Somebody accepted that there was no point in fighting, and abandoned Caleís body, and left the dimensional plane with the M.S.E.

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark & Ron Randall.

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