Membership: Black Adam, Bonzo, Captain Nazi, Crocodile-Men, Dummy, Evil-Eye, Goat-Man, Ibac, Jeepers, King Kull, Mr. Atom, Mr. Banjo, Mister Mind, Mr. Who, Nippo, Nyola, Oggar, Oom, Ramulus, Sivana

Base of Operations: Fawcett City, Earth-S

First Appearance: Captain Marvel Adventures #22 (Fawcett) (March, 1943)

History: Mr. Mind traveled to Earth-2 and created the Monster Society of Evil with Oom, Mr. Who, Nyola, Dummy and Remulus. They battled the All-Star Squadron, and were defeated, but this was only a prelude to Mind's desire to form the mightiest assemblage of evildoers ever known.

Back on Earth-S Mr. Mind formed a new Monster Society using villains from Earth and across the universe, and allied himself with the Axis powers.

(Captain Marvel Adventures (Fawcett) #38) - Captain Marvel couldn’t stop the lava flow, but thankfully when it flowed over the TNT it melted instead of igniting, and Marvel remembered that high explosives were set off by fulminate and not fire. Mr. Mind gloated in his minature spaceship until he saw Captain Marvel flying at him and realized he’d been foiled. Mind flew into a flock of birds, managing to evade his nemesis. Billy Batson broadcast a warning that Mr. Mind was still on the loose, and director Hitchblock of Eastern Elephantine Studios sent Captain Marvel a letter, saying he was doing a film version of Mr. Minds wrongdoings and needed his technical advice. Captain Marvel was happy to help, believing it was important the world was warned about how dangerous Mind was, and he was impressed with the mechanical worm Hitchblock whipped up as a stand-in for Mind. Mr. Mind got word about the film from his underlings, and saw an opportunity to sow chaos. He also wanted to make sure he was being portrayed as evil and devious as he deserved to be. A janitor on the film set spotted him, so Mind took the place of the mechanical worm to hide in plain sight. Hitchblock needed an extra to play a boy in peril who the Monster Society would fling off a cliff, and Captain Marvel changed into Billy Batson to volunteer. Mr. Mind alerted his new Monster Society recruits, the Crocodile Men, and had them take the place of the other actors in the scene. The Crocodile Men were supposed to pull Billy back from the cliff edge at the last moment, but ignored the director and tossed Billy to his doom.

(Captain Marvel Adventures (Fawcett) #39) - Mr. Mind had his Crocodile Men round up Hitchblock and his actors, planning to film Mr. Mind, Murder Master! In which he’d depict the Monster Society taking over the world. He had his lackey Bonzo go to the dressing room to play the part of Captain Marvel. Billy survived his fall, since the jagged rocks he landed on were rubber props, and after changing into Captain Marvel he took Bonzo’s place. Mr. Mind wanted to film the Crocodile Men torturing Hitchblock and his crew to death, but the weapons the Crocodile Men chose were all rubber props, infuriating the villain. Captain Marvel revealed his presence, knocking out the Crocodile Men after a brief brawl. Mr. Mind had another trick up his sleeve, activating his Black Death Ray and turning it on Captain Marvel, who started to dissolve into a cloud of smoke.

After decades of suspended animation Mind formed his third itineration of the Society, but was once again beaten.

Comments: Created by Otto Binder

The Monster Society was originally published by Fawcett Comics, which DC obtained the rights to in 1972.

Mister Mind's Monster Society received a profile in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #15.

The Monster Society's appearance in Captain Marvel Adventures (Fawcett) #38, 39 was reprinted in Shazam!: A Celebration of 75 Years.

The Monster Society had a cameo in DC Comics Presents #34 and Shazam! I #2.

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