Membership: Agent Graves, Cole Burns, Dizzy Cordova, Loop Hughes, Jack Daw, Lono, Milo Garrett, Mister Shepherd, Remi Rome, Victor Ray, Wylie Times

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: 100 Bullets #10 (May, 2000)

History:  (100 Bullets #50 (fb)) - <1500s> The heads of thirteen prominent families came to an agreement to work with each other when news reached them that the New World contained endless wealth and possibilities. None of them desired to be royalty, they wanted to be powers behind the power, and knew in that way they would last. The coterie, calling themselves the Trust, assembled seven stone-cold killers to be their enforcers, the Minutemen. The Minutemen were also charged with keeping peace among all thirteen families. If any family wronged another the Minutemen would act as judge and jury. They sent demands to the kings and queens of Europe, declaring they would no longer be thorns in their sides as long as they were allowed free reign in the Americas. Queen Elizabeth put her foot down, setting up the colony of Roanoke in Virginia to establish an English presence in the New World. The Minutemen sailed to Roanoke and slaughtered every last man, woman and child, and left behind the word Croatoa, a language only the royals would understand, which simply meant that America belonged to the Trust.

(100 Bullets #10 (fb), 35 (fb), 56 (fb), 69 (fb), 76-79 (fb)) - The Minutemen took care of Roland Dietrich, covering him in gasoline and lighting a match. Graves planned this event to disband the Minutemen when the Trust approached him with a power play that would consolidate their control over the country. The Trust wanted the Minutemen gone, but Graves wanted them to view the Minutemen as having gone rogue. Afterwards he programmed the Minutemen, making them forget their lives, and giving them new one

(100 Bullets #73, 74) - Augustus Medici made a power grab to control the Trust, and Graves realized it was time to reactivate all the Minutemen. Agent Graves went to Cleveland, and paid a homeless man to find Remi Rome, the last Minuteman on his list, and write 'Croatoa' in the snow. The man found Remi after his brother Ronnie found him and was going to kill him for screwing over his mobster boss, and the reactivated Remi pulled his gun. Remi and Ronnie made up, and Graves welcomed Remi back into the fold, planning their next move with Cole, Loop and Victor.

(100 Bullets #76-78) - Remi Rome killed Mia Simone, tossing her out a window and destroying another house of the Trust. Graves applauded his abilities as a buttonman, but told him and Burns that repercussions would be severe, and one of them might be the next to go. He reminded them Lono worked for the Trust and Wylie and Dizzy weren't affiliated with anyone at the moment. Dizzy wanted to kill Graves for making her murder Shepherd, and Wylie called Graves up, telling him to stay away from her. Lono and the Minutemen were partying at a motel when Wylie called Victor, telling him he was with Dizzy, and Victor quickly told Lono, who wanted her dead. Lono called Megan Dietrich, who'd learned of Mia Simone's death, and her attempt to put him in his place were met with vulgarity. He knew Augustus was pleased that another Trust house was gone, even though Graves was responsible, and said to keep up appearances as warlord he was going to Mexico to find Graves, knowing he wouldn't be there. Lono and the rest of the Minutemen made their way south of the border, and all of them were howling for Dizzy's blood. Cole told Graves he had no problem taking out Dizzy and Wylie if they wouldn't go with Graves' plan, and Graves said he wanted Wylie to go with them willingly. Wylie was a natural leader according to him, but Cole was his right hand man because he actually trusted him. Wylie told Mr. Branch the Minutemen were coming, and they could use Benito Medici, who was with them, as bait. Graves sent Wylie's old friend Kuchenko and his criminal friends against Wylie, who killed every one of them in a hail of gunfire..Wylie talked to Dizzy, asking her if she missed her family, but she was firmly focused on killing Graves for forcing her to do something she'd never do of her own free will. Victor arrived at their place ahead of the other Minutemen, saying Wylie could use a friend.

(100 Bullets #79) - Victor and Wylie had a sit-down about why Graves and Shepherd had chosen Lono as the Trust's new warlord. Victor said Lono was perfect because he'd never had any true allegiances, and told Wylie how Lono had him and Loop shoot but not kill Megan Dietrich so Lono would be needed by the Medicis. Wylie resolved to have a talk with Graves, and Victor promised to keep Dizzy, Branch and Benito safe. Wylie told Branch the plan was still on, and as soon as he left Victor announced he had a job to do, and none of them were safe. He threatened to execute them and asked Branch for a beer. Branch found a handgun in the beer cooler and pointed it at Victor. Wylie met Graves, Cole and Remi, who were disappointed in him for not bringing Dizzy. He claimed Graves was working for the Trust, believing an old lie, and was involved with Dizzy because of a mistake he'd made long ago. Remi didn't want to hear his elaborations and shot him dead. Branch couldn't shoot Victor, who cut one of his fingers off before brutalizing Dizzy and Benito. He left Benito behind for Lono, Loop and Jack to find, and drove off with Diz and Branch.

(100 Bullets #80) - Lono took Benito to a cheap motel and locked him in an adult booth, demanding to know why he was alive. He said Graves would probably kill his father, and Lono would probably kill Graves, but Benito should have been out of the picture the moment he met Wylie. Victor delivered Dizzy to Graves, who said he wanted a private conversation with her. Victor was not pleased with Remi for killing Wylie, and when he protested that Wylie had drawn a weapon Victor said Wylie was a better shot than him, and if he'd wanted to kill Remi he'd be dead. Branch was only being kept alive as leverage against Wylie, so Victor told Cole to clean up his mess. Cole got Branch alone, and said he should have gone to Italy when he had the chance. Graves told Dizzy, who reiterated that she was going to kill him, that Shepherd and Wylie had died not to protect her, but to keep the two of them apart. After a longer conversation Graves introduced Dizzy to Victor, Cole and Remi as the newest Minuteman.

(100 Bullets #84) - Sigmar Rhone's informant Kate told him Augustus and Megan were planning to wed, and warned he'd rule the Trust with Graves. Their meeting was interrupted by Victor and Remi, who'd taken Remi's wife and children hostage, and executed them in front of his eyes before killing him.

(100 Bullets #85) - Lono, Jack and Loop went to the gym so Loop could work on his combat skills with Jack. The gym's self-defense trainer was Sophie, who immediately recognized Lono because she still had nightmares about what he'd done to her and her boyfriend. When he went for a sauna she mixed bleach and ammonia and locked him inside, telling him she'd promised herself she'd kill him if she ever saw him again. Lono choked for air for a few minutes, and then she released him. She said he was vulnerable like her, but she wasn't like him, she was a better person.

(100 Bullets #86) - After Sigmar Rhone's death Constance went to visit Helena in Aspen, and they both shared fond memories of Sigmar being their lover. They went clothes shopping, only to be ambushed by Victor Ray in the dressing room, and he gunned them down. Victor went to blow off steam at a strip club, learning that one of the dancers had a daytime department store job, and had been the one to find the bodies. He taunted her when she said she was the last to see thhem alive, saying that made her the prime suspect. He heard news about a brutal murder committed by a couple who killed a woman for her unborn son, and kidnapped her boy Justin. Victor tracked them down, brutally slaying the couple and bringing Justin to the authorities. Graves and Dizzy met him in a limo, and Graves said his hit was perfect, but his extracurricular activities were sloppy, but Victor was pleased with himself.

(100 Bullets #87) - Joan D'Arcy was next on Graves list, and he had Remi hit a number of properties D'Arcy owned, killing her security. Remi met Graves and Dizzy at a restaurant, complaining that the job was not the cakewalk Graves made it out to be. Graves said he wasn't seeing the big picture before getting up and leaving.

(100 Bullets #89) - Graves, Diz and Victor celebrated with some champagne, and Dizzy told Graves it seemed out of character for him. He assured her he was a happy person, despite appearances, and was pleased his plan to bring down the Trust was almost at fruition. He called Cole, who he'd tasked with Mr. Branch to meet Ronnie Rome, who'd brought the painting of the Trust's founding back to Italy. Branch was killed by Echo Memoria, and when Graves called Cole he refused to answer, handing his phone over to some homeless men with instructions to tell Graves goodbye. Graves was not pleased, but believed he could handle the situation. Cole met Jack Daw and Loop with the painting.

(100 Bullets #90-92) - Benito met with Lono, saying he wanted to celebrate his father's upcoming marriage with something special, bringing him one of the Minutemen. Lono asked alive or dead, and Benito said one alive and one dead. Lono reminded him not to treat him like hired help or he'd regret it, as Benito hadn't paid for his loyalty. Loopo, Jack and Cole met in a diner, and Cole said he'd defected from Graves because things had gotten out of control. Jack said he decided against working with Graves because he'd given him an attaché with himself as a target, and Cole agreed that was messed up. Lono called and learned that Cole had the painting of the Trust's founding the Medicis were eager to own, saying he was willing to negotiate. Lono asked for Loop on the phone, and told Loop to shoot Cole in the head right away. Former Minuteman Will Slaughter killed Mr. Rothstein, a man with connections to the CIA and FBI that supplied Graves with his attaches of 100 untraceable bullets. Slaughter informed D'arcy that Graves game was over, and they'd see how he'd react. Augustus was furious, and called Javier, suspecting him of the hit. Javier said he was happy to see Graves' power taken away, but he wasn't the one responsible. Loop reached for his gun, and Jack instinctively attacked him. Cole and Jack threw him in the trunk, and drove him out to the woods, with Cole saying they were both masterless now. Instead of shooting Loop Jack gave him a head start and let him run while he fired. Cole asked why he let Loop go, and Jack knocked him out with a roundhouse, taking the painting for Graves.

(100 Bullets #93, 94) - Graves arranged a meeting with Javier Vasco, and Lono and Augustus planned on attending as well. Remi called Graves saying he was shadowing D'arcy's safehouse, waiting for her to emerge and kill her, but he soon got a call from his aunt saying his mom'd had a heart attack. He panicked and said he was on his way, deciding to storm the front of D'arcy's safehouse. He slaughtered her security, and she fled inside with her bodyguard Coop. Remi shot them both, but Coop was hooked up to an oxygen tank, which exploded, and Remi's hands were blasted off. Augustus found Graves choking Javier in his compound and made him stop. Javier again denied responsibility for Rothstein's death, and they discussed the old days and their alliance to change the Trust and it's old ways. Graves revealed that Javier offered to reinstate the Minutemen if Graves didn't interfere in his hit on Augustus, but that isn't why Graves helped stop it. Javier knew Augustus had no use for him anymore, and said that's why he was still alive. They bemoaned the new Trust being the same old same old and agreed that the Minutemen helped the Trust because conflict was their lifeblood. Only the heads of the Trust and Graves knew about Rothstein, so it had to be an inside job. Dizzy and Lono chatted outside, and Lono told her he was with Shepherd when he died, and his last words were say it wasn't Dizzy's fault. Dizzy said she still blamed herself, and Lono said he blamed her too, picking her up by her throat. They had a fierce battle, and Lono grabbed a gun from one of Javier's guards.

(100 Bullets #95) - Remi survived the blast that took his hands, and Victor met him in the hospital, taking him onto the roof for a smoke. Remi was disappointed to hear D'arcy survived their confrontation, and Victor tried to keep his spirits up, saying he could learn to live with his ability, and he'd be taken care of. Remi told a story about a dog he knew in childhood that was always kept locked-up and had a glassy stare, saying that was no way to live. They saw a man being carted into the hospital on a stretcher, not knowing it was Ronnie, who'd gotten in a severe car accident on the way to visit his brother in the hospital. Remi leapt off the roof, committing suicide and landing on his brother.

(100 Bullets #96, 87) - Lono gunned down Javier's men and grazed diz in the head with a bullet. He bound her, put her in a car and drove off, calling Graves soon afterward to tell her he had his girl. Graves reminded him he was with Augustus and could easily kill him if Lono harmed her, but Lono said he didn't care because he was with Benito Medici now. Lono called Loop, and was shocked when Cole answered, and Cole promised to come for him. Lono called Graves back and said he still wanted revenge for shepherd, and Graves said Shepherd's death was his own fault. He was supposed to finish Dizzy's training as a Minuteman, and if Graves had been the one to activate her by saying 'Croatoa' he'd still be alive. He told Lono he had a triggerword that could calm him down and make him much less violent and unpredictable. Lono called him a liar, and Graves said he'd already given him the trigger. Lono hung up, and Augustus was devastated at the idea of his son working with Lono. Lono delivered Dizzy to Benito, but he became furious when he saw the battered and bloody Dizzy and shot lono in the face. The injured Lono fled, and Crete organized his men to find him, while Benito tended to Dizzy's wounds. Lono ran from the Medici compound, and suffered several dog bites, but made it over the wall and to freedom. Augustus told Graves he was done with his master plan, but Graves disagreed and would not be swayed when Augustus told him he should be happy the Minutemen were reinstated. They discussed meeting with Megan, Tibo and d'arcy, the remaining heads of the Trust. The remaining heads were having their own meeting, and Megan told them how Augustus had been the one to orchestrate the assassination of the heads of houses and the houses absorption into his and Javier's domain.

(100 Bullets #98-100) - D'arcy had her man will slaughter kill Javier with a sniper rifle, and Augustus was even more apprehensive about brokering peace in the Trust. Megan, Tibo and D'arcy arrived at the Medici compound, and Benito said he wasn't going to be in on the meeting on his father's orders. He checked in on Dizzy to see how she was recuperating, and she said she wished his aim was better, because Lono being alive worried her. Word spread to the Minutemen that the war against the Trust was over, but that didn't sit well with Victor. Loop and Cole were on the road when they saw Jack's car parked outside a motel, and found him in bed with Echo Memoria. Cole shot Echo in the head, and a furious Jack demanded an explanation. Cole said she'd killed his friend Mr. Branch, a little guy with a lot of heart. They discussed peace with the Trust, and Cole had a feeling Augustus and Graves had been playing them since the beginning. Lono called up Loop and gave him the triggerword 'Sunny Days.' He heard Victor bust in on Jack, Cole and Loop, and they all pointed guns at each other. Lono screamed that if they killed each other they were only giving the Trust exactly what it wanted, and the situation deescalated. Victor, Cole, Jack and Loop buried Echo in the swamp, with the Trust's painting wrapped around her body, and decided to crash the Trust's meeting, and Lono had the same idea. The Trust took Augustus' vote away, so he resigned as head of his family, giving it to Benito. The Trust demanded Graves step down as head of the Minutemen, but said he could pick his replacement. He balked, but came around when they offered him the former house of Vasco and a membership in the Trust. Benito relaxed in the pool and was approached by Megan, who said her engagement with Augustus was off, and tried to seduce him. Megan strangled Benito to death, and when Crete found his body Graves named Dizzy as the new head of the Minutemen and told her to investigate. The Minutemen stormed the compound, killing dozens of security, and Victor met up with his father Will Slaughter, who'd decided to stop working for the Trust because he didn't want to fight his son. Loop said he had no idea why he was still doing the Minuteman thing, and said he was out, hotwiring a car to get away. Jack Daw and Crete fought, with the battle spilling over into Augustus' alligator pond. Cole stabbed Tibo and strangled D'arcy to death, filled a room with gasoline, and waited for Megan. Lono ambushed Graves, but Dizzy shot him a number of times, and he fell out the window. Graves talked to Augustus, realizing he planned for the Trust to murder his son and Dizzy to kill the other heads so the only ones standing would be him and Graves. Graves shot Augustus dead, and the shot surprised Cole, who dropped his lighter, blowing up both himself and Megan. Dizzy said Graves moved against another member of the Trust and pulled her gun. Graves said Augustus was the one who ruined his life, compromising his principles, but allowing him to pass those principles on to others, and he pointed Dizzy's gun at his own head.

Comments: Created by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso.

The Minutemen had a cameo in 100 Bullets #26.

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