Real Name: Unrevealed

Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Supervillain

Group Affiliation: Suicide Squad, formerly Assassination Bureau

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Belle Reve Federal Prison, Louisiana, formerly New York City, NY, Washington, D.C.

First Appearance: Fury of Firestorm #29 (November, 1984)

Powers: Mindboggler possessed psionic powers that let her  induce vertigo and nausea in a victim, create realistic illusions or force a victim to carry out her will.

History: Breathtaker recruited an unnamed woman for the Assassination Bureau, using an energy beam treatment to give her superhuman powers and assigning her the identity of Mindboggler. The 2000 Committee  gave Breathtaker the task of killing Firestorm, and he assigned Mindboggler to the task. firestorm defeated both Breathtaker and Mindboggler and handed them over to the authorities.

Mindboggler questioned her life choices and led Firestorm to the hq of the 2000 Committee.

Mindboggler returned to a life of crime and was captured by Firestorm.

(Suicide Squad I #1, 2) - Mindboggler joined the Suicide Squad; if she could help destroy Quarac's terrorist organization Jihad her sentence would be commuted to time served. After a mission debriefing she witnessed two of her teammates having a confrontation; Captain Boomerang harassing Plastique, so she used her illusion casting powers to frighten Boomerang and make him back off. The Squad successfully dismantled the Jihad, but while Mindboggler was holding off Quarac soldiers, allowing the Squad to flee Jihad hq, Jihad member Rustam snuck up behind her with a gun. Boomerang was the only other Squad member present, and he could have warned her of the imminent attack, but he was still bitter about Mindboggler embarrassing him in front of the Squad, so he watched on as she was gunned down and killed.

Comments: Created by J Cavalieri and, Rafael Kayanan.

Mindboggler received a profile in Who's Who: the Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #15.

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