Membership: None named

Base of Operations: The high-seas

First AppearanceSea Devils #27 (January-February, 1966)

History: (Sea Devils #27) - Nazi scientist Von Shlager conceived of a plankton expander that would create giant unicellular organisms. His aide Roy Eldridge convinced his kid brother Petey to infiltrate the Sea Devils, and he helped the criminals steal the Devils supply of rare minerals, which Shlager used for his plankton expander. He created the Micro-Monsters, titanic unicellular beings, and planned to use them to ransom seaports around the world. Their test run failed, because the Sea Devils and Petey responded, and Roy forced Shlager to reduce the Monsters to normal size, fearing for his brotherís life. Shlager ended up killing Roy, and next used the Micro-Monsters to attack an English liner to demonstrate his power. Petey joined the Sea Devils to combat them, and Petey, hating his betrayal of his friends, risked his life to injure a giant diatom that almost killed Sea Devils Dane and Judy. The injured diatom lashed out and destroyed Shlager. The Sea Devils blasted away the last of the Micro-Monsters.

Comments: Created by an unnamed writer & Howard Purcell.

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