Membership: Aphrodite, Jackie Hawksmoor, Jack Sparks, Nightshade, others unnamed

Base of Operations: Alternative-838

First Appearance: The Authority I #19 (November, 2000)

History(The Authority I #19) - The Meritocracy lived on the parallel world of Alternative-838, where a matriarchy dominated a world where all superheroes were gender-swapped versions of their Earth-50 counterparts. The Meritocracy were a version of Earth-50's Authority, and Jack Sparks had formed his team to make the world a better place. Earth-50 was turning against the human race, causing natural disasters, and the Authority evacuated the world's population to parallel worlds. They came to the Meritocracy asking for help, and after putting it to a vote from their citizens they agreed to house eight million refugees.

Comments: Created by Mark Millar & Frank Quitely.

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