Membership: Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., Mary Marvel

Base of Operations: Fawcett City, California

First AppearancePower of Shazam II #7 (September, 1995)

History(Power of Shazam II #7) - Billy Batson was gifted with the power of Captain Marvel from the wizard Shazam, and his long-lost sister soon joined him as Mary Marvel. Marvel and Mary visited Shazam, telling him about their recently crippled friend Freddy Freeman, and asked him to share his powers with their friend. Shazam reminded them that his powers were not infinite, and that he had no idea how Mary realized to say the magic word to make herself a Marvel. They revealed that their stuffed toy Mr. Tawky-Tawny guided them along, and Shazam denied using an anthropomorphized tiger to do his will. The Marvels were confused, but Captain Marvel was sure that whoever sent Tawny, Mary was meant to share his power. Shazam urged them to find a solution for themselves, which Captain Marvel thought was an unfeeling gesture, and they left. Billy went back to his radio show, and Mary visited Freddy in the hospital. Captain Nazi attacked Freddy in the hospital, flying off with him, and Mary and the Captain responded. Mart changed back into Bromfield, relinquishing her powers to Captain Marvel, who defeated Captain Nazi. The heroes used their Shazam lightning to get Freddy’s heart started, and took him back to the Rock of Eternity, where they finally realized that Shazam had given his blessing, but they had to be the ones to share their power with Freddy. By saying the name Captain Marvel Freddy turned into an idealized version of himself, tentatively named Captain Marvel, Jr. Shazam told him he now had the responsibility to fight injustice, like the other members of the newly formed Marvel Family. Although he was a demigod with Shazam’s powers, he’d return to being a cripple as Freddy. Freddy understood the drawbacks, and what was expected of him, and in his civilian identity Captain Marvel returned him to the hospital.

(Power of Shazam II #8) -Billy was at WHIZ when the station conducted an interview with retired WWII heroes Minute Man, Bulletman and Spy Smasher. They related a story about how they battled Captain Nazi after the war, he was after the cargo of La Paloma, a freighter from South America, and although they busted up his Nazi ring, he made off with a cryogenic chamber. Jim “Bulletman” Barr met Billy, told him he had a deep respect for his father, and left him his number if he ever wanted to hear some stories. Mary was visiting Freddy in the hospital when he got news of his grandfather’s death. He changed into Captain Marvel, Jr. and sought out the recently escaped Captain Nazi for revenge. When Mary tried to restrain him he belted her. He battled Nazi, who, losing the battle, set a fire during rush hour traffic. Jr. realized that although vengeance was his first instinct, he was indeed a hero, and had to rescue civilians from the inferno. The Marvel Family caught up to Nazi on Miami Beach, where he’d procured the other cryogenic chamber from the sunken La Paloma. It was supposed to contain Hitler, but when he opened it all that was left was a skeleton dressed in Nazi garb. The Marvel Family weren’t particularly interested in Nazi’s scheme, and simply told him he was going to face justice.

(Power of Shazam II #9) - The fight was taken out of Nazi, but Freddy attacked him anyway. Captain Marvel told him they worked for justice, and they d see Nazi tried for his war crimes, but Freddy was intent on a revenge killing. The Marvels calmed Junior down, and after cuffing Nazi, they flew toward Crowley Prison. They were attacked by Black Adam, whose powers and memory had been restored by the demon Blaze. With their shared powers, they were no match for Black Adam s might, and after snapping Captain Marvel s arm he flew off to finish the hero. Junior battled the reinvigorated Nazi, who tried to flee. Mary realized Cap would need all his powers, so she tried to change back into Mary Bromfield, but her powers weren't working because Shazam had been dragged into Hades by Blaze. Madame Libertine appeared, and after loosing Mary s inhibitions, she realized that she d only made Mary stronger, and the hero prevailed. Mary told Junior he had to relinquish his powers to save Cap. Cap was being buried alive under construction material by Black Adam, and Adam railed against Shazam, telling Cap he was doing him a favor by killing him, preventing Shazam from betraying him. Adam flew off satisfied, but once Cap s powers returned he dug himself free, and vowed to find Shazam in Hades.

(Power of Shazam II #11) - Black Adam followed Mary, Dudley and Tawny into the subway, and Ibis  tomb. He ripped the Tawny doll to shreds, Blaze was under the impression that Tawny was helping them, but his good nature only let him aid the Marvel Family. Mary cast Shazam s resurrection spell, bringing Ibis the Invincible, a powerful magician under Shazam s protection, back to life. He banished Black Adam to Hades, and the heroes had to respond to an attack on Fawcett by the Seven Deadly Sins. Captain Marvel, newly returned from the Underworld Unleashed affair, lured the Sins into leaving the civilians alone, and taking residence in his powerful body. Ibis managed to free Captain Marvel of their influence, and make them solid, but he knew they d need help to drag the Sins back to the Rock of Eternity. He gave life back to Tawky-Tawny, gave Shazam powers to Uncle Dudley, and summoned Captain Marvel, Jr. and Bulletman to their side. After an intense battle they returned the Sins to their prisons, and the heroes asked for Ibis  help in freeing Shazam from Blaze. Just then the Rock of Eternity shook, as Blaze was trying to free Shazam s old enemy the Three Faces of Evil.

(Power of Shazam II #12) - Ibis, already tiring of being awake, made a plan to end Blaze s villainy. He sent Captain Marvel and Mary to Hades to free Shazam, and sent Cap Jr. and Bulletman outside the Rock of Eternity to delay her from freeing the Three Faces. He warned Cap and Mary not to trust anything they saw in Hades, as it was full of lying demons. Cap found himself in school taking a history test, but realized it was an illusion cast by demons. Mary was greeted by her deceased parents, but this too was a trap. After battling the demonic forces Cap freed Shazam, who told him he must explain their predicament, and how he knew Cap s father. He told of how he d battled his daughter Blaze through the ages, and how C.C. Batson, who he met during the Batson s Malcolm Expedition of the 1940s, was his original choice of champion. Since Ibis was the one to contain the recent escape of the Seven Deadly Sins, Shazam had more power to share with his Marvel Family. Blaze and Black Adam defeated Cap Jr. and Bulletman. Dudley and Tawny joined the fight, but were soon overwhelmed. Mary found Sarah Primm in Hades, and freed her with the help of Satanus, sending her to Heaven. Black Adam no longer had a reason to be loyal to Blaze, and told Mary he owed her one. Shazam and Ibis cleaved the Rock, freeing the Three Faces, and at Shazam s command Black Adam battled it. The Marvel Family forced the Rock back together, trapping Blaze alongside the Three Faces and Adam. Ibis took pity on Adam, and sent him to a distant star. Shazam had lost his zeal for guarding the Rock, and Ibis agreed to take his place while Shazam would live in Fawcett among the people. The Marvels returned home, and found Sinclair Batson burned to a crisp, yet still alive. Sinclair was a demonic construct created for Ebenezer, who dearly wished for a son, by Blaze. Mary saw an od caterpillar crawling toward Sinclair s ear, and stepped on it.

(52 / WWIII Part One: A Call to Arms #1) - <Week 50, Day 1> Black Adam declared war on humanity after the death of his family, starting WWIII. The Marvel Family confronted Adam, but he defeated them.

Comments: Created by Otto Binder.

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