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Real Name: Sollis

Class: God (New Gods)

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Affiliation: Justice League America

Known Relatives: Arkal (brother, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Supertown, New Genesis

First Appearance: New Gods I #1 (February-March 1971)

Powers: Lightray could project solar energy; creating brilliant light and extraordinary levels of heat. He could focus his solar energy into beams of laser-like intensity, or use light to create lifelike illusions. He could fly at tremendous speeds rivaling the speed of light itself. Lightray carried a Mother Box, a sentient computer that could perform a wide variety of functions, including rearranging the structure of matter, teleportation and computation.

History: (New Gods III #9) - Sollis was one of the New Gods living on New Genesis. Sollis and his older brother Arkel became friends with Orion, with Sollis’ peaceful nature was a natural foil for Orion's sudden fits of rage. Bugs slaughtered Arkel, and Orion avenged him. The experience led Sollis to mourn and turn inward, but the older Orion was only filled with hate.

One day Orion and Sollis discovered a large hole on the surface of New Genesis which turned out to be an outpost of soldiers from the planet Apokolips. These soldiers had been transformed by an energy bomb into beings composed entirely of solar energy. They bombarded Sollis with energy blasts, but Orion was able to fight them off with the aid of his mentor Metron. Sollis lay in a coma for a month, but upon recovering realized that he had somehow gained solar energy powers. Sollis mastered these abilities and renamed himself Lightray.

(New Gods III #22 (fb)) - Highfather watched the children of Supertown at play, including Lightray and Orion. The newly resurrected Steppenwolf led a raid on New Genesis, and Desdemona led the children to a fortress while New Genesis soldiers turned away the attack. Darkseid exchanged more of the x-element to Metron for Boom Tubes, and while Metron successfully finished his chair and toured the cosmos Darkseid sent Steppenwolf to reclaim Orion from New Genesis. Lightray fled, but many children were killed, but Orion himself turned the tide and sent Steppenwolf retreating.

(Martian Manhunter II #34) - Lightray brokered a deal with Darkseid, he would cease his search for Anti-Life, a possible violation of the Pact, and New Genesis would not declare war on Apokolips. Darkseid agreed to the conditions, allowing J’Onn J’Onzz, a Martian freedom fighter on Apokolips, to finally return home.

(New Gods I #1) - Highfather summoned Orion to New Genesis, and they read from the Source Wall, which predicted that Orion would go to Apokolips, then Earth, then to war. Lightray was glad to see his old friend back on New Genesis, but Orion reminded him he was there for combat. Lightray told him to stop being so serious and take time to laugh and love.

(New Gods I #2) - The Source Wall told Highfather to prepare New Genesis for battle, and Lightray was eager to join Orion, who was already fighting Darkseid on Earth. Highfather admired his loyalty to his friend, but told Lighray war was not in his nature, and he was too young.

(New Gods I #3) - The Black Racer, the Source’s personification of death,  chose Lightray as his target, and they battled across space until Metron appeared and used a Boom Tube to redirect the Racer to Earth. Metron told Lightray to think logically when his life was at stake, and he hoped his experience with the Racer humbled him.

(New Gods I #6) - Lightray went against Highfather's orders and went to Earth to confront the Deep Six and keep Apokolips from Earth. They defeated him, wrapped him in mutated kelp, and made him the masthead of a wooden vessel containing a "controller," a mutated form of sealife that directed the monstrous Spawn that swam the oceans sinking ships. Orion, on the trail of the Deep Six, found the vessel and freed Lightray. Orion wanted to kill the "controller" but Lightray transformed it at a molecular level into a technoorganic “caller” that would draw Spawn and the Deep Six to them. Lightray and Orion battled the Six, but Spawn was ready to devour them when Lightray’s transformation of the “caller” completed, making it a living warhead that destroyed Spawn and the Six in an explosion. Lightray sped Orion to safety at lightspeed.

(New Gods I #8) - Orion set up a home for Lightray on Earth, staying with his human friend Victor Lanza. Lightray was a charming guest, but Orion put off Lightray’s new neighbors with his warrior’s stoicism. Orion saw a TV report of Kalibak on Earth. After going on a rampage he’d taken Orion’s friends Claudia Shane and Dave Lincoln hostage, demanding that Orion confront him. Orion arrived in time to save the life of detective Terrible Turpin, who was determined to arrest Kalibak and keep superpowered brawls from destroying Metropolis. As their battle reached a crescendo Orion’s true demonic face was revealed, but as he was about to deliver a killing blow Lightray flew him away. Turpin had hooked up every power generator into the city into one device, and used it to shock Kalibak into unconsciousness. Orion was angry that Lightray had seen his true face, but Lightray told him that while he saw many scars, they were all acquired defending New Genesis.

(New Gods I #9, 10) - The dawn broke, and Lightray tried to convince Orion that the new day was filled with hope, though Orion’s mind was still focused on war. Playwright Eve Donner offered them hospitality, and she was equally fascinated and repulsed by Orion. Orion raged that Darkseid would not face him one-on-one and Lightray warned Eve that he was the personification or destruction. Orion told her he’d seek her out after his final battle and see if she thought he was worth her pity. Orion and Lincoln checked in on Orion’s friend Dave Lincoln, and found the Metropolis police waiting for them. Metropolis D.A. J. Mason Hartwell told Orion and Lightray they’d be held accountable for the property damage they’d caused during their fight with Kalibak, but Dave Lincoln pointed out that they’d helped to defeat Kalibak and prevented any loss of life. Forager of the New Genesis Bugs found the New Gods and warned them that Mantis was planning an invasion of Earth. Orion hoped that all of Earth would aid the New Gods of New Genesis in their war against Darkseid, because their preservation depended on it, and departed. Orion fought Mantis’ Bug horde fiercely, and Lightray convinced Sonic Research and Development to lend him a transmitter, which he used to focus sound and light to drive off the Bugs, and send them scurrying back to New Genesis.

(New Gods I #11) - At Dave Lincoln’s apartment Orion railed that he wanted to face Darkseid no matter the consequences. Lightray advised planning and caution, but Orion would have none of it. Kalibak escaped police custody and challenged Orion, but Lightray wanted his war-weary friend to have a break and accepted Kalibak’s challenge. Kalibak soundly beat him, and Orion engaged him in combat to save his friends life, eventually preparing and destroying the monster.

(New Gods II #6) - Orion got word that his mother Tigra was still alive on Apokolips, and traveled there, causing havoc. Lightray aided him as he could, but knew he couldn’t be present during his final battle with Darkseid. He knew the conflict between father and son boded ill, and would have given anything to stop it, but knew it was beyond his ability.

(DC Graphic Novel #4) - Darkseid destroyed New Genesis with Micro-Mark tech, forcing Highfather and the New Gods to flee to a satellite city. Lightray wanted the nobility of the New Gods to live on even if they died, so he traveled to Apokolips and helped Orion destroy a Mekkanoid production center, giving hope to the lowly Hunger Dogs.

(New Gods III #1-3) - Darkseid sent Kalibak and a horde of Para-Demons to Earth to retrieve Eve Donner, Dave Lincoln and Wilson Gillmore, three Earthlings that held a part of the anti-life equation. Lightray and a host of New Genesis gods resisted them, forcing them to flee, but not before activating a Morrow Block that sapped the lifeforce of Earth. The Morrow Block killed a number of New Genesis gods, including Jezebelle, before Orion destroyed it. A lull in the war between New Genesis and Apokolips granted Lightray the opportunity to spend more time on Earth. He stayed with Eve Donner, playing the harp for her and admiring her beauty. He told her the war with Apokolips made him sick, but it was his destiny and responsibility to safeguard New Genesis, and nothing could change that.

(New Gods III #4, 5) - Eve started resenting Lightray's joy of life and the fact that he was unphased by all his problems. She told him she wished the world would go away, and it looked like her wish could come true when Mantis built an insect colony around a nuclear missile silo in Tulsis, Nevada, planning to bombard Earth with a nuclear attack. Lightray knew he had to intervene, and Eve, secretly pleased with the chaos, demanded he take her along. Orion and Forager invaded the colony, slaughtering Mantis’ horde of Bugs, but their efforts to stop Mantis from firing off six nuclear missiles failed. Mantis seemingly killed Forager and in his rage at losing a woman he felt connected too Orion killed Mantis. With Lightray’s help he caught up to the missiles and opened a Boom Tube to the insect colonies of New Genesis, destroying their civilization. Orion felt no joy, but thought the Bugs deserved what they got. Lightray and Highfather were worried about Orion turning to the dark side, and consulted the Source. If Orion was turned to evil by Darkseid, than the war against Apokolips was lost.

(New Gods III #6) - Orion talked with his friend Dave Lincoln about how they viewed conflict. Dave firmly believed in Earth law and order, but Orion saw things more back and white, the enemy should always be exterminated, not given a trial. Lightray arrived to tell Orion Eve Donner had been kidnapped by Darkseid, and they made their way to Apokolips, with Dave yelling that Orion should focus of saving the girl, not meting out punishment to Darkseid, and Lightray affirmed that this was solid advice. Darkseid wanted to lure Orion into killing Eve, but his plans fell apart when the Dreggs, the undead Old Gods, invaded Apokolips. In his conflict with them Darkseid’s Omega-Beams struck Orion, Lightray and Eve, sending them all off-planet.

(New Gods III #7-10, 12) - Lightray found himself separated from Eve near an Apokoliptan citadel, but was recalled to New Genesis by one of Highfather’s alpha bullets. Highfather had summoned him to give spiritual support, because the people of Genesis were growing more divided in loyalty between Highfather and Commander. Highfather returned Lightray to Apokolips to find Orion. Lightray found himself in the lair of the Dreggs, and two ghostly figures showed him images of Darkseid’s past, and the death of his first wife Suli, when he lost any compassion in his heart. Metron appeared and used the Dregg’s archive to show him Orion’s life story, and warned him that Orion’s unthinking love of war could bring him to the dark side. Lightray scoured Apokolips, but couldn’t find his friend. Kalibak, rebelling against his father, used astral transfer to send Lightray to the citadel he’d first arrived at when Darkseid hit him with the omega beams. Lightray joined Orion on his trip to Section Zero, but when Orion found Tiggra she refused to be rescued. She told him she’d be a prisoner no matter where she went because of what she knew and had seen. She also affirmed for Orion that he was just like his father, and he left Section Zero in disgust.

(New Gods II #13, 14) - Lightray took Orion to Earth for peace and tranquility. Lightray visited Eve Donner, who’d been safely returned to Earth by a benevolent force. She confessed love for him, and he told her he loved her as much as he loved everything else in creation, because all his being was filled with love. She wanted to make him understand that she wanted him romantically, and they kissed. Orion met Dave Lincoln, and after watching him avert a hostage situation without violence, he reflected on the nature of heroics and the use of power. Orion and Lightray’s reveries were cut short when a Reflektorr that’d followed Eve from Apokolips terrorized North Shore Park, but Eve made Lightray take her along for the battle. It fed on fear, and Orion was confident in confronting it, but it turned into the one thing he feared, a monstrous version of himself. Orion battled the Reflektorr, but his heedless rage against himself caused great amounts of destruction. The Reflektorr fled and hitched a ride on a subway, making its way to the Habitat of the Hairies. It confronted a Hairie with his fear of the city, and he would have burned the habitat to the ground if not for the intervention of Lightray and Orion. Reflektorr retreated through a Boom Tube back to Apokolips. Eve Donner told Lightray the Reflektorr made her confront her fear of losing him, and she realized that he represented true freedom and could never be tied only to her.

(New Gods III #16) - On one of his flights Lightray saw Fastbak down on Apokolips. He revived his friend and took him back to New Genesis, where he explained that he found a powerful relic of the Old Gods, and threw it through a Boom Tube to Earth to keep Darkseid’s minion Infernus from claiming it. Highfather opened a Boom Tube to Earth, and claimed it from John Hedley, who was using its’ power inappropriately.

(New Gods III #17) - Orion stopped bank robbers, but Lieutenant Marvin Jones, made it clear that he didn’t want Orion’s help. Orion put on a display of power to remind Jones what a god was. Lightray thought Orion was being far too serious, and after mussing his hair and scowling, performed a very good imitation of his friend. Orion was pleased, and actually laughed at himself. In the Promethian Galaxy Yuga Khan broke his bonds, and his return to existence constituted a greater threat to life than either Darkseid.

(New Gods III #18, 20, 21) - Highfather contacted Mister Miracle, Orion and Lightray on Earth, his image dominating the NYC skyline. He let them know that he needed them for the upcoming threat of Yuga Khan, and warned them that they might have to lay down their lives. Miracle refused because he was still trying to build a normal life on Earth with Barda, but Orion and Lightray pledged to help. Orion was abducted to Apokolips by Darkseid’s forces, but Khan soon deposed Darkseid. Lightray showed uncharacteristic fear over Khan’s rule, and tried to use a Boom Tube to go from Earth to New Genesis, but Khan had cut off the Source, making Boom Tubes and Mother Boxes inoperative. The threat ended when Khan tried to pierce the Source, and became a prisoner of the Promethian Galaxy.

(New Gods III #22) -Metron made his yearly sabbatical to the memorial for the children killed by Steppenwolf, a tragedy he played a part in. Lightray was curious about Metron’s activities, but he sent Lightray away, afraid to display emotion.

(New Gods III #23, 24) - Darkseid and Desaad found that Ellis Ames, a man with a terminal disease, possessed a piece of the anti-life equation. Darkseid sent his warrior Agogg after him, and while Orion and Lightray initially took him to safety Agogg used his psychic profile to track down the last places Ames had been, including a music publishing company, one of many that found Ames’ work sub par, and Royer’s Children’s Hospital, where Ames played before he contracted his disease and was banned from the premises by an overly fearful nurse. Ames told Lightray how he envied him, and that how all he ever wanted was to make the world a better place than if he’d never been born. Agogg defeated Orion and Lightray in combat, and when he attacked the hospital Ames gave himself over to keep his beloved children from harm. On Apokolips he was brought before Darkseid, and when Darkseid turned his back he claimed he’d already given the anti-life equation to Agogg, and tossed himself out a window, acting like Agogg was the perpetrator. Darkseid believed the ruse and killed Agogg with the omega effect. In honor of his sacrifice Orion and Lightray gave Ames a heroes’ funeral.  Ames death struck Lightray hard, and when he and Orion returned to Earth he told his friend he was not in a good mood and needed time to himself. Orion reflected that someone who spent so much time in the light was unprepared for darkness.

(New Gods III #26) - Orion relentlessly tracked Tyrus to avenge Rodman’s death while Lightray tried to convince him not to turn into the relentless killing machine his enemy was. Desaad, again acting under the false guise of Darkseid’s authority, told Tyrus to bring Rodman’s nephew Randy to Apokolips, because he possessed a piece of the anti-life equation. Orion and Lightray saved the boy, and opened a Boom Tube to Armagetto, where they had another confrontation with Tyrus, who promised to kill the boy if he couldn’t have him. In the Dreggs’ Cavern Metron and Necromina witnessed the rebirth of one of the Old Gods, who used his hammer to restore the Cavern to its old glory and to save Lightray from a blast of Tyrus’ gun. Tyrus initially thought he’d killed Lightray and was ashamed of himself for bringing nothing but pain into the world. When Lightray revived he felt different, he felt hope, and he switched his allegiances to New Genesis.

(New Gods III #27, 28) - Darkseid became aware of Earthwoman Anne Flaherty, who possessed part of the anti-lie equation, and sent his ruthless soldier Dispatcher to retrieve her. Highfather sent Orion and Lightray to stop him, but by the time they reached her she was dead, killed by drunk driver John Elliot. Lightray was shocked that Elliot showed no remorse for taking the life of a woman highly regarded by her friends for charity. In an effort to understand he sought out Metron, who let him touch the liferock that contained the memories of everyone on Earth, and he later attended her funeral. Disarmed by all the good she’d done in her life he asked if Metron understood the technology Darkseid used to resurrect his minions. Metron did, and although it was forbidden to use it on New Genesis he thought it would be an interesting experiment. Dispatcher determined to let Lightray resurrect her and bring her to Darkseid. Highfather brought Orion to the Source Wall so he could explain why Darkseid never really resurrected anyone, and it wrote out “There is no anti –life…There is only life.” and sent Orion to stop Lightray. Lightray had a change of heart, realizing he was only trying to bring back Anne to satisfy his own desires, so Dispatcher took the Mortis Mark tech from him, and used it on Anne. Anne knew the value of life, and didn’t want to return to it in an unnatural state, so she willed herself to dust. In a last-ditch effort of redemption Dispatcher attacked Orion, but was killed by his own raygun, that John Elliot had found. Elliot had touched Lightray’s liferock, and living the lives of others he realized how much Anne’s life had mattered.

(Superman II #65, 66) - During the "Panic in the Sky," Lightray was part of Superman's army of super heroes recruited to battle Brainiac.

(Superman: The Man of Steel #20) - Metropolis; Lightray was among the number of superheroes who attended Superman's funeral.

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #2, 3) -With Apokolips and New Genesis merged by Highfather, he sent Mr. Miracle and Big Barda to inspect the barrier between worlds. They didn’t return after a reasonable amount of time, so Lightray investigated. He found the pair engaged in conflict with Thor, and they soon defeated him. Tigra from Apokolips was there and she claimed that she’d brought Thor to New Genesis to hide him from Darkseid, who was trying to consolidate his power by stealing the powers of the Norse Gods. Once he regained consciousness Thor revealed that the Norse Gods were vulnerable because Odin had disappeared, and while Highfather put the motion to debate Miracle came up with a plan. He created a tether that would reach the Promethean Galaxy with the help of the Forever People, and together they found Odin trapped in the source wall. Serifan of the Forever People freed him with a cosmic pellet, and brought him to Highfather. They realized they might be too late when Darkseid assembled an armada of ships taken from the various worlds and pantheons he conquered, and aimed them at Earth.

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #4) - The New Gods waged war against Darkseid’s armada to keep them from Earth, while Odin brought Metron, Miracle, Takion, and Beautiful Dreamer to Asgard to discuss the situation. Vykin returned from the front to confirm that aboard one of the ships was a doomsday device that could obliterate the universe, and he’d discovered that only the astro-force could contain it. The alien races no longer had hope after Darkseid slew their gods, and they wanted revenge against him and the entire universe. Highfather dared the unimaginable in deciding to resurrect Orion, the only man capable of harnessing the astro-force. He approached the Source, and the Black Rider appeared, warning him that although he would not interfere, Orion’s soul was not at rest, and it was a fool’s errand to play with a tortured soul. Highfather gravely said that he did what he must, and he had Takion communicate with the Source, reach into it, and pull out Orion.

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #5) - The explosion was an illusion, the most powerful Dreamer had ever cast, and it left the aliens off-balance. Highfather had Takion communicate with the Source to bestow some of its power on Orion, restoring him to full strength. Lightray, Barda, and some of the Forever People breached the ship where the oblivion bomb was kept, but Darkseid appeared and told the aliens they were foolish to attempt to destroy his universe. He used the omega beam to erase them from existence, but as he faded the captain of the ship activated the oblivion bomb. Orion deactivated it with the astro-force, and Darkseid disappeared. Highfather and the New Gods made a peace with the aliens, allowing them to chose among their ranks for new deities to worship so their lives could have fulfillment. Darkseid met Orion on a nearby asteroid as the alien armada left in peace, and told him he recognized something different, yet familiar in him since he’d returned from the Source. He asked his son how he’d deal with the aliens, and Orion responded by destroying every last ship with the astro-force. Darkseid said he finally felt like he had a son.

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #6) - Lightray learned that Parademons had tunneled into new Genesis and taken the god harmon. He contacted Lonar, who entered the tunnel and found Harmon’s body, leading him to summon the other New Gods to battle the enemy outside their door.

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #7) - Takion lost his powers while in flight, and Lightray saved his life. Highfather gravely counseled that the Source was in trouble, and it felt brittle and weak. Highfather announced to the New Gods that the Source was threatened, and judgment day grew near.

(Genesis #2) -

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #8) - Lightray and the New Gods, alongside Earth’s heroes, continued to fight Darkseid’s Parademon army, but sensed something was amiss. Only Takion knew Highfather was gone, dead at the hands of Ares, who wanted to seize the Source’s power instead of saving it, but at the advice of the last of the Old Gods, chose to keep that a secret, so the heroes wouldn’t lose hope

(Wonder Woman II #127) -

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #9) - With Apokolips and New Genesis separated, and Highfather and Darkseid lost, Kalibak challenged Orion to duel with him on New Genesis for his birthright, hoping his concentration was broken. Kalibak was confronted by Lightray, whom he easily dispatched, crumbling a stone structure on top of him. Orion agreed to face him, and told his brother that his brute force made him a clumsy warrior, and that he was surprised he’d survived so long. Kalibak was beaten to a pulp, and may have heard wisdom in Orion’s words, he chose to open a Boom Tube to retreat to Apokolips. Lightway was crippled, and near death, but Orion used a Mother Box to restore him. Lightray asked why Orion spared Kalibak numerous times when he had the opportunity to kill him. Orion said he knew Kalibak was one of the most dangerous forces in the universe, but he didn’t know why he staid his hand. Tigra appeared, telling them that Kalibak was fated to kill Darkseid, so Orion couldn’t kill him. Orion angrily told her that it was a son destined to kill Darkseid, and he could fulfill the prophecy, but she claimed to have a bombshell, information that proved Orion wasn’t Darkseid’s son.

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #10) - Orion, Big Barda, Beautiful Dreamer and Big Bear surveyed New Genesis, and Orion feared that Darkseid was laughing at them, having a new cosmic clout being part of the Source Wall. Barda boasted that she was a warrior, and not interested in philosophy. Lightray reported after a tour of new Genesis, and was sad to inform them that fire pits had spawned across the landscape, melting the polar regions and doing untold damage. They didn’t know what would make things right, and at that moment Scott Free appeared, dressed in ceremonial robes. He was sure he couldn’t set things straight, despite what everyone thought, and Orion assured him that as Highfather’s scion he had to assume the mantle of leadership. He spent most of his life not even knowing his father, but Barda was impressed with him, and told him not to focus on his limitations. On New Genesis Orion pressed Tigra about her revelation, and she told him that when Darkseid gained the god-power he was ready to slay his unwanted wife, but she staid his hand by telling him she was pregnant. She needed to follow through on her lie, so she had an affair with a captain of the imperial guard, whose name she never cared to learn. When she was coming of term, Darkseid informed her that his mother seemed to be set on living forever, and he couldn’t have an heir before his power base as solidified. He had her bio-frozen for a millennia, and when she awoke his father was long dead. Orion declared her a liar, but Lightray told him to hear her out. She promised she wasn’t scheming, that with the constant threat on their lives their family history never seemed pressing. Orion used his Mother Box to reveal his true hideous features, and asked if that was not proof enough of who his father was.

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #12) - Lightray arrived at the pole, worried about Orion, who’d been seeking to find if Valkyra survived the detsruction of the poles by the newly emerged firepits. Lightray was thankful to find Valkyra and his friend alive, and soon realized that Orion wore a sleeping gown, not his normal armor. When he realized the glorious situation, that Orion was in love, he assured the couple he’d give them some peace, and that New Genesis could handle itself without Orion for some time. He flew off and Valkyra told Orion he should value his friend for his romantic nature, and his wisdom that belied his yound years.

(JLA Secret Files #2) -

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #16) - Takion, Lightray and the Forever People demanded to know why Metron was trying to free Darkseid. Metron replied that he’d never seen fit to answer their questions, but eventually relented and told them that Darkseid was a necessary force in the universe. Without pain, no knowledge, and without evil, good had no meaning. Takion saw his point, and saw Darkseid as a test to see who was fittest in the universe. To him, life would stagnate without competition and evolution. The heroes prepared to fortify New Genesis before they were forced to confront Darkseid.

(Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #19) - Darkseid seemed weak willed since his return from the Source, and the Forever People got word of Darkseid’s condition from Lightray, and Serifan hoped that Darkseid was rehabilitated. The others told him he was naïve, and that Metron had specifically brought him back because his evil was a necessary balance in the universe. Takion returned to New Genesis with Highfather, who proclaimed an upcoming war with Apokolips. He knew the New Gods needed to rally around hope, but his time away from the Source was by necessity short, so he plucked Supertown from the cosmos, where it had been hurled after the breaking of the fusion between new Genesis and Apokolips, and returned it to its proper place. He vanished into the Source, and the New Gods celebrated the return of their old home.

(Spectre IV #19) - New Genesis; Spectre (Hal Jordan) brought Anomalie, a young refugee from Apokolips, to Lightray. Spectre was puzzled by the fact that Anomalie was terrified of her new surroundings, but Lightray told him it would take her some time to get used to having freedom. When Darkseid threatened war with New Genesis to retrieve Anomalie, Metron went behind Lightray’s back to bring the girl back to Apokolips and avert the war.

(JLA #24) - Mr. Miracle, Orion and Lightray watched Takion communicate with the Source Wall and learned that Mageddon would contact Earth in under two months.

(JLA #27) - Lightray was called in as a JLA reservist to battle Amazo. Amazo was programmed to acquire the powers of the JLA, so when Lightray and a number of other heroes temporarily joined the JLA to battle him it just made Amazo more powerful. Amazo decimated the JLA reservists, and was only defeated when Superman officially disbanded the JLA, leaving Amazo powerless.

(JLA #112, 113) - The New Gods Orion, Lightray and Big Barda were called in by the JLA when Qwardians threatened to destroy Earth with their doomsday weapon Erdammeru while the Crime Syndicate of Amerika tried to take control of Earth. Once the Qwardians learned that Krona, not Earth, was responsible for Qward’s temporary destruction, they returned to the anti-matter universe.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby

Lightray received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #13 and Who’s Who in the DC Universe #4. Lightray received a profile in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #16 under the New Gods entry.

Lightray’s appearances in New Gods I #1-3, 6, 8-11 were reprinted in New Gods II #1-6

Lightray was pictured on the cover of New Gods III #19.

There was a pin-up of Lightray in New Gods I #4. Lightray had a cameo in Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #1.

The students of Granny Goodness’ Orphanage fought robot simulacra of several New Gods, including Lightray, during a training exercise in New Gods Secret Files #1.

In Bizarro Comics #1 Mr. Mxyzptlk beamed information about all of Earth’s superheroes into Bizarro-Superman’s mind, hoping to teach him how to be a proper hero. Afterwards Bizarro had images of various heroes, including Lightray, wandering through his head.

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