Class: Extraterrestrials

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First AppearanceDC Comics Presents #27 (November, 1980)

PowersThe Largas were a peaceful and scientifically advanced race.

History(DC Comics Presents #27) - The peaceful Largas race discovered Warworld, a planetary-sized satellite and doomsday device created by the warlike Warzoon. The Warzoon had mysteriously died, and the Largas didnít want to see the weapon fall into the wrong hands. Their reasons for guarding but not dismantling Warworld were unclear. They may have been saving it for a worst case scenario. The Largas programmed Warworld to keep anyone from using it unless it was activated by a crystal key. They guarded the key for centuries, but they were a dying race, and their numbers dwindled. The last Largas entrusted the crystal key to Martian Manhunter.

Comments: Created by .Len Wein & Jim Stalin.

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