Membership: Matchstick Kid, Mr. Manplastic, Vanishing Queen, Whatchamaycallit

Base of Operations: Batson Building, Megalopolis, Earth-12

First Appearance: Inferior Five #2 (May-June, 1967)

History: (Inferior Five #2) - Scientist Rod Rickard was determined to give superpowers to himself, his wife Sophie, her kid brother Jerry Drizzle and his friend Bjork Anderson. After many failed attempts, he accidentally blew up a scientific gizmo, and his dream was fulfilled. The newly empowered group now called themselves the Kookie Quartet. They intended to run the Inferior Five out of Megalopolis, so that they would be the only super-team in town, but the two teams put aside their differences to battle the villainous King-Size and the Terrible Tsetse Fly. The truce ended when the teams argued about who would have the privilege of turning the villains over to the police. The Inferior Five triumphed in the ensuing battle.

(Inferior Five #10) - The Quartet, along with the Cobweb Kid, Sub-Moron and the Inferior Five responded to an attack on Earth by alien invaders. The aliens triumphed over all these heroes, mainly due to the incompetence of the Inferior Five. Fortunately Superman came along and saved the day. The Quartet ambushed the Inferior Five and tarred and feathered them.

Due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Kookie Quartetís existence was erased from DC continuity.

Comments: Created by E. Nelson Bridwell, Mike Sekowsky & Mike Esposito

The Kookie Quartet was a parody of Marvel Comicís Fantastic Four.

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