Real Name: Charles Brown

Class: Human technology-user

Occupation: Criminal

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Midway City, formerly Gotham City

First Appearance: Batman I #133 (August, 1960)

Powers: Kite-Man utilized a number of gimmicked kites in his robberies, and had a high degree of skill in hanggliding. Kite-Man was a poor leader and an even worse fighter.

History: (Batman #133)-Kite-Man made his debut by raiding a penthouse party to steal a valuable ruby. Batman II attempted to capture him, but he escaped. Kite-Man pushed his luck by staying in Gotham City to help Big Bill Collins escape jail, and was captured by Batman and Robin II who used his own weapons against him.

(Batman I #315) - After years spent in prison Kite-Man was released and immediately resumed his criminal career. Kite-Man sent his goons to break into Gotham City Hall, and Batman caught them, but not before they stole a bunch of blueprints and sent them via a remote-controlled kite to their boss. Kite-Man planned to rob the Trans-Atlantic Airways payroll with the blueprints, giving his men the best way to sneak in while he distracted security with kites that exploded into fireworks. Kite-Man stole the payroll with box-kites armed with a nerve agent that disabled the payroll security. Kite-Man took the haul and thanked his underlings for their time, but said he flew alone and escaped alone on his hangglider. Batman caught up to him in his bat-glider, colliding with the villain and destroying both of their gliders, but Batman launched a parachute to land them safely. Batman handed Kite-Man over to Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD and wondered why men like Kite-Man could never outgrow their childhood.

(Hawkman vol. 2 #4)-Kite-Man moved to Midway City to steal the priceless Golden Eagle, but was apprehended by Hawkman II, Hawkwoman and Zatanna.

(Formerly Known as the Justice League #3) - Nevada; Kite-Man went to Roulette's House to attend one of her gladiatorial contests. He was among the crowd of villains that watched members of the Super Buddies forced to fight each other.

Comments: Created by Bill Finger & Dick Sprang.

Kite-Man received a profile in Who's Who Update '87 #3.

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