Membership: Clayman, Greased Lightnin', Kaptain Karate, K M.A.R.T., Wanda Woman

Base of Operations: unnamed planet, 853rd Century

First Appearance: Lobo #1,000,000 (November, 1998)

History: (Lobo #1,000,000) - <853rd Century> The second-stringer JLWB were in charge of the tesseract containing the bike and armaments of Lobo confiscated by Justice Legion A. While the JLWB prepared to receive a mind-meld message of peace from the people of the Magellanic Clouds, Lobo broke into the tesseract and retrieved his weapons. Lobo killed all of the JLWB except Clayman with a micro nuke, and Clayman assumed the form of Lobo’s bounty Malo Peverso to combat him. After being defeated Clayman admitted that Malo wasn’t just a boogeyman, he’d fled through a black hole thousands of years ago. Lobo was grateful for the info, but killed Clayman anyway.

Comments: Created by Alan Grant & Greg Luzniak

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