Membership: Aquaman, Atom, Batman, Flash, Hourman, Owlwoman, Resurrection Man, Starman, Superman, Wonder Woman

Base of Operations: Mobile, 853rd Century

First Appearance: JLA #23 (October, 1998)

History: (JLA #23, 1,000,000, DC One Million #1-4) - The greatest heroes of the 853rd century teamed up to become Justice Legion A, with each member patrolling a different planet. Superman Prime Kal-El prepared to return to Earth from his Fortress of Solitude in the center of the sun after one hundred centuries, and the Justice Legion prepared a massive celebration. They invited heroes from across time and space, including the JLA of the 21st century. Hourman sent the JLA to their time, but was unable to retrieve them, because he’d been implanted with a virus by Vandal Savage and Solaris. The virus threatened the lives of the Justice Legion and all of humanity, eating away their minds, and took over the programming of every machine on Earth. The 21st Century Vandal Savage destroyed Montevideo, Uruguay with a nuclear-armed Rocket Red suit, and the Legion contained the fallout. The Hourman Virus, which Starman helped bring to the past because he’d sided with Solaris, was actually a computer program looking for a system, Solaris itself. The Legion knew the only way to stop Solaris’ Hourman virus was to be the ones who created Solaris. Using tech from the Batcave and Cadmus they created the solar core, and traveled to the JLA Watchtower to power it using a time engine created by Steel in hopes of recovering the JLA from the 853rd Century. The JLA battled the Legion, assuming they were under control of the Hourman virus, but when explanations were made they teamed up to complete Solaris’ construction. The virus left Earth to create Solaris’ A.I. Starman regretted his betrayal of the Justice Legion when he met Ted Knight, the original Starman. To redeem himself he stopped the newly constructed Solaris from destroying Earth by opening up a black hole in its computer brain. Starman reflected that he might be remembered as a villain, but that his actions led to the creation of Solaris in the past, and thus his own present. He then activated the self-destruct mechanism in his suit, killing himself. Supermen punched through the time barrier, returning the Legion to their own time. Solaris was on a rampage decimating planets, and had already killed hundreds of Justice Legionnaires, but the JLA stopped him by having Green Lantern cause him to go super-nova. The Justice Legion witnessed the return of Superman Prime, and to honor him Hourman folded time and space to resurrect Krypton and everyone who’d lived there before the planet exploded. Superman was reunited with Lois Lane, whose DNA had been saved and stored inside of Solaris.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison & Val Semeiks

Justice Legion A had a cameo in Martian Manhunter II #1,000,000.

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