Membership: Coldcast, Dawn Raven, Flash III, Green Arrow I, Hat, Kasumi, Major Disaster, Manitou Raven, Menagerie II, Naif al-Sheh, Sister Superior

Aliases: Elite v.2

Base of Operations: New Jersey

First Appearance: JLA #100 (August, 2004)

History: (JLA #100) - There were several volcanic eruptions, the hole in the ozone layer opened further, and other geothermal events that signaled an extinction level event. Hat sensed it was Gaea, who damned humanity for their abuse of her and their failure to get along, and reported to Sister Superior. In response Superior formed the Elite v.2 and proposed a plan to the JLA, and although they doubted her trustworthiness they agreed. The Elite stormed Washington, demanded all governments dissolve and declared themselves rulers of Earth because humanity had proved themselves unfit to rule. After UN meetings and a staged defeat of the JLA by the Elite, every nation on Earth put aside their differences to tackle the Elite. Gaea once again believed in humanity, seeing them unite against a common enemy, and held back her wrath. The Elite allowed themselves to be defeated, and the cover story was that the JLA had them imprisoned on the moon. Sister Superior discussed forming a Justice League Elite, a black op force to make preemptive strikes. Batman had long considered the possibility, but didn’t trust Superior, and neither did Superman, who was an archenemy of her brother Manchester. Flash spoke out, saying she deserved a chance to be heard out.

(JLA #112, 113) - The Elite were called in as a JLA reservists when Qwardians threatened to destroy Earth with their doomsday weapon Erdammeru while the Crime Syndicate of Amerika tried to take control of Earth. The Elite battled the Syndicate, who were trying to take over Hong Kong, and forced them to flee Earth, , afterward tending to the wounded.

Comments: Created by Joe Kelly & Doug Mahnke

Justice League Elite received a profile in JLA Secret Files 2004

Elite had a cameo in Batgirl I #71, JLA #121.

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