Membership: Atom-Smasher, Black Canary II, Captain Marvel, Dr. Fate IV, Dr. Mid-Nite II, Flash I, Hawkgirl II, Hourman II, Hourman III, Jakeem Thunder, Mr. Terrific II, Power Girl, Sand, Stargirl, Wildcat I, Wonder Woman (Hippolyta)

Base of Operations: NYC, NY

First Appearance: JSA Secret Files #1 (August, 1999)

History:  (JSA #1-4) - Several legacy superheroes and original Justice Society members attended the funeral of Sandman. As the service drew to a close the Sons of Anubis attacked the heroes. After the battle Scarab appeared and told the heroes that a threat to Earth’s existence was approaching, and they must reform the Justice Society of America to combat it. The newly reformed JSA found out why Scarab needed their help; a new Dr. Fate was about to be born, and Mordu was trying to locate and kill the Fate-Child. The JSA were charged with finding the child before Mordu. Atom-Smasher traveled to Vancouver with Wildcat and Hourman III and located the Fate-Child. Mordru then appeared out of nowhere, defeated the heroes, and stole the child. Thee JSA pursued Mordru to Fate’s Tower and were once again bested by the villain., but the battle lasted long enough for the Fate-Child to transform into Dr. Fate and trap Mordru inside his amulet. The JSA returned to their hq and named Sand their first chairman

(Day of Judgment #1, 3-5) - The JSA battled Asmodel, who'd merged with the Spectre and unleashed Hell on Earth, but he easily defeated them. The JSA went to Fate's Tower, seeing him as the only one capable of dealing with Asmodel. Fate appeared to them and told them Earth needed a doctor. Dr. Fate charged the soul of Green Lantern Hal Jordan with mystic energy, enabling him to become the Spectre's new host. A new threat emerged when Neron possessed Superman, but Hal sent him back to Hell.

(JLA #40) - The JSA among the legion of heroes summoned by the JLA to quell worldwide outbreaks of warfare that were incited by Mageddon.

(Martian Manhunter II #18, 19) - The JSA invited Martian Manhunter to their hq for a training session. Manhunter easily dispatched the new JSAers, and after their combat Kanto and a squad of Parademons attacked JSA hq. Kanto exposed Star-Spangled Kid to the living death, stealing her soul and leaving her body in a coma, and took the soul back to Apokolips. Martian Manhunter and the JSA went to Apokolips to reclaim the Kid s soul, and allowed themselves to be captured by the Parademons while Manhunter found Kanto, bested him in combat and learned that Darkseid was using the Kid s soul in the D.E.M., a technoorganic device that bonded with the Source Wall an used her soul to relay information back to him about the Source. Manhunter freed the JSA and Dr. Fate linked his soul with the Kid, allowing him to pull her from the Source and reunite her with her body.

(Green Arrow III #12, 13) - Black Canary and Green Arrow spent the night together at JSA hq. Hawkman and Green Arrow started brawling because Hawkman didn't want Arrow Black Canary because he thought Arrow was bad for her. The fight woke up the rest of the JSA, and Canary didn't like having them fight over her and ended their argument with a sonic scream.

(Hawkman IV #1) - The JSA responded when criminals hijacked a helicopter. Hawkman dealt with them swifty and brutally, and Power Girl didn't like the old shoulder he'd been showing his teammates. Sentinel asked her to be understanding  because Hawkman evidently had a lot on his mind.

(JLA #69) - With the JLA trapped in the year 1,000 B.C., Batman's contingency plan for a new JLA was activated. JLA-Spheres went to JSA hq to recruit Hawkgirl and Captain Marvel, who'd been chosen by Batman to bring them to the Watchtower. Hawkgirl accepted the offer and took a leave of the JSA, but Marvel declined.

(Superman / Batman #4) - President Luthor blamed Superman for a kryptonite asteroid approaching Earth and sent a number of heroes and villains against Superman, who was aided by Batman. A fight in Tokyo nearly destroyed the country, and the JSA believed Luthor would use this against the entire superhero community, so they sent Hawkman and Captain Marvel to bring Superman and Batman into custody. Batman and Superman let the JSAers defeat them, and when their guard was down blindsided them and disguised themselves as Marvel and Hawkman to gain entry to Luthor in the White House.

(Flash II #209) - The JSA and the rest of the world forgot Flash s secret identity thanks to the Spectre. Flash wanted the heroes he knew and trusted to know his identity, so he unmasked for the JSA.

(Identity Crisis #1) - The JSA were among the number of heroes who attended Sue Dibny s funeral. Afterwards heroes broke into teams to look for suspects in Sue s murder, and the JSA went looking for Dr. Phosphorus.

(Superman / Batman #13) - The JSA were among the heroes invited to Paradise Island to welcome Superman's cousin Supergirl into the superhero community.

(Green Lantern: Rebirth #1, 2, 4-6) - The JSA quarantined Warriors after Guy Gardner lost control of his powers and destroyed the bar. The only thing standing was a statue of Green Lantern, leading the heroes to worry that Hal Jordan was involved and had returned to the dark side. Alan Scott told his teammates he refused to believe it. Ganthet summoned the JSA and a number of other heroes to battle Parallax, who d completely taken over Hal Jordan. They weakened him enough for the Sectre to separate Hal from Parallax, allowing Hal s soul to return to his body, resurrecting him. Parallax took over Ganthet, defeated the JSA, and prepared to spread fear throughout the universe, but Hal banished him to the Central Power Battery.

(JLA #112, 113) - Members of the JSA were called in by the JLA when Qwardians threatened to destroy Earth with their doomsday weapon Erdammeru while the Crime Syndicate of Amerika tried to take controlof Earth. The JSA helped fight on both fronts, and once the Qwardians learned that Krona, not Earth, was responsible for Qward s temporary destruction, they returned to the anti-matter universe.

(DC Countdown #1) - When someone broke into a Kord warehouse and stole the kryptonite stored there Oracle called in favors to the JSA and a number of other heroes to investigate the crime scene, but the investigation turned up nothing.

(JSA #73-75) - Atom-Smasher asked to be readmitted to the JSA so the team had a meeting and a vote on it. Once they d voted, Atom-Smasher was already gone back to Khanaq. Captain Marvel told the JSA that Jean Loring/Eclipso and the Spectre-Force were attacking Khandaq, and their help was needed there. The heroes had little luck battling Eclipso and the Spectre, and Black Adam resented their presence and began fighting them. Spectre only stopped his attacks when Atom-Smasher told him he d accept the Spectre s judgment, and allowed the Spectre to stop his heart. Black Adam restarted his heart with his magic lightning, and the JSA took Atom back to America after warning Black Adam to stay far away from him in the future.

(JSA #76) - The JSA were set to testify at the trial of Atom-Smasher, who d surrendered himself to the authorities. Atom-Smasher pled guilty to violating international law, so the JSAers were dismissed. An OMAC attacked the JSA, and nearly killed them before Atom-Smasher interceeded, chasing off the OMAC before he returned to police custody. He told his teammates he believed in justice, and had to pay for his actions.

(JSA #77) - The JSA had a meeting about their current lack of membership with Dr. Fate, Flash, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, J.J. Thuner and Power Girl missing or otherwise occupied. Mr. Terrific suggested calling in the JSA reserves when Air-Wave, whose powers had overloaded, crashed into JSA hq. After recovering Air-Wave flew off to find where the transmissions were coming from that cause him to go haywire he was followed by Green Lantern I and Hal Jordan. They learned from Troia that the Titans of Myth prophesized the end of the universe, and she was looking for heroes to go on a space mission to find the source of the coming crisis. Air-Wave knew he could lead her to the source, which was the same place that was overloading him, and they took off.

(JSA #78-80) - The JSA located Fate s Tower, and found Fate s helm, but no sign of Fate. Sand put on the helm, awakening Nabu. Nabu told them Spectre did something to Fate, but he didn't know what. He opened a portal to the 5th Dimension so the JSA could rescue J.J. Thunder. Only Hourman, Terrific and Stargirl made it through before Mordru attacked the rest of the JSA, breaking Nabu s concentration and sealing the portal. Mordru defeated the JSAers and crushed Fate s helm. Nabu repaired and animated the helm, and told Mordru it was time to settle their conflict. In the 5th dimension Hourman, Terrific and Stargirl sided with Thunderbolt, Saradin, and Shocko, who were battling J.J., who d declared war on the 5th Dimension. J.J. was possessed by Qwsp, an the war ended when Saradin separated J.J. and Qwsp and bound Qwsp to his service. They returned to Earth, and Morru had been weakened enough by Nabu to allow J.J. to summon the Thunderolt and banish Mordru.

(JSA #81) - The JSA were called to Philadelphia when Liberty Belle lost control over her powers after an attack by the Society. Stargirl showed her that her daughter Jesse was there, and was worried about her mother. This allowed Belle to focus and regain the use of her powers.

(Teen Titans III #32) - Superboy Prime confronted Superboy because he wanted to take his place, and was willing to kill him to do it. The JSA and the Teen Titans were called in to combat Prime. There were casualties, but Flash Jay Garrick, Flash and Kid Flash took Prime out of action by running him into the Speed Force.

(52 / WWIII Part One: A Call to Arms #1) - <Week 50, Day 1> Black Adam declared war on humanity after the death of his family, starting WWIII. The JSA visited Bialya after Adam killed millions there, and prepared to confront him. Wildcat pointed out that it wasn't the first war the JSA fought in, and it probably wouldn't be their last.

(52 / WWIII Part Three: Hell Is For Heroes #1) - <Week 5, Day 5> The JSA went into action after Black Adam decimated Pisa, Italy, aiding the survivors.

(52 / WWIII Part Four: United We Stand #1) <Week 50, Day 7> Black Adam arrived in China, and prepared to destroy the entire country. He defeated China's superhero team the Great Ten before China allowed the JSA and the American superhero community to square off against him. Black Adam was a god with nothing left to lose, and each punch he threw was intended to kill. His savagery was winning the day until Martian Manhunter reappeared and flooded his brain with his own loss, the death of the entire Martian species. Black Adam was distracted long enough for Captain Marvel to hurl a Shazam bolt at him. Theo Adam was powerless, and left with amnesia. He staggere away unnoticed from the end of WWIII.

(JSA #83-87) - <one year later> The JSA had their first get-together in many months, and many of the members recounted recent encounters with the ghosts of loved ones. Gentleman Ghost appeared to the JSA and told them the ghosts they saw were his warning to them that they would all soon die by his hand. His first target was Green Lantern, who he left hospitalized. The team tried to figure out a way to beat the Ghost, with J.J. traveling to the spirit world and learning that they should seek the Ghost in London, and that only one of royal blood could slay him. J.J. shared what he learned with the JSA, and the team headed for London. The JSA confronted the Ghost in the royals castle. The Gentleman Ghost was trying to fulfill an old gypsy prophecy that said he could return to life if he slayed his enemies in the royal castle. The Ghost summoned an army of spirits to kill the JSA and their fight led to a chapel in Winsor, where an army of ghost knights arose and battled Ghost s army for daring to defile the temple. Wildcat destroyed the Ghost, who was only vulnerable to those of royal blood, and the JSA returned home. They found their hq in shambles, the Ghost sent more of his ghost army to destroy it while the JSAers were in England. They started cleaning up the rubble.

Comments: Created by James Robinson.

The JSA had cameos in Flash II #185 and JLA #121.

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