MembershipNumber Two, others unnamed

Base of Operations: Maldor, Milky Way Galaxy

First AppearanceShowcase '93 #2 (February, 1993)

Powers: The Ironmongers wore body armor, and were equipped with laser blasters and teleport devices.

History: (Showcase '93 #2, 3) - Galaxa, a devourer of worlds, wanted to capture the hero Blue Devil to use his techno-magic powers to summon Earth's worldseed. She contracted the Ironmongers to capture Blue Devil, and they pursued him from the planet of Maldor to Justice League hq on Earth. They attacked the Justice League, giving Blue Devil a chance to evade them. The Justice League defeated the Ironmongers, who were forced to teleport away.

Comments: Created by Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin & Pete Moriarty.

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