Membership: Big Sir, Cluemaster, G'Nort, Major Disaster, Mighty Bruce, Multi-Man, Scarlet Skier

Aliases: Justice Leage Antarctica

Base of Operations: Mobile, formerly Antarctica

First Appearance:Justice League International vol. 1 #23 (January, 1989)

History: (Justice League International vol. 1 #23)-Major Disaster recruited Big Sir, Clock King, Cluemaster, Mighty Bruce and Multi-Man to form the Injustice League. They hoped to succeed as a team despite their individual careers being failures. Before they could cook up any diabolical schemes they accidentally ran into Justice League International. They hoped to avoid a confrontation, but ended up in jail anyway.

(Justice League Europe #6)-After getting off on parole the Injustice League move to France because of Europe's lack of super heroes. They try to rob a bank, but still being unfamiliar with the language, demand that the bank teller dance with an ostrich. Humiliated again, they enroll in a French language night class. Unfortunately Justice League Europe was enrolled in the same class and a brawl erupted. They ended up deported to America, and Major Disaster decided the team should break up.

(Justice League America Annual #4)-By startling coincidence Big Sir, Major Disaster, Clock King and Cluemaster were reunited at the unemployment line. Another coincidence was that Mighty Bruce was working at the unemployment line. Convinced that destiny had brought them together again they decided to track down Multi-Man and bring back the Injustice League. They planned to steal the world-famous Dooley Diamond from the Metropolitan Museum of Sundries, but ran into another gang of criminals already in the process of stealing it. Enraged at being made to look foolish they thrashed the criminals, and were declared heroes by the Daily Planet the next day. Deciding they liked being heroes they offered their services to Maxwell Lord of Justice League International. He made them an official branch of JLI---Justice League Antarctica (figuring they couldn't cause any real trouble in the arctic) and foisted G'nort on them as team leader. G'Nort invited his buddy Scarlet Skier to join the new League and the team was complete. Their first case involved the discovery of a research center overrun by mutated penguins. The ravenous penguins attacked their headquarters, and Major Disaster was forced to create an earthquake to save the team. Unfortunately this also resulted in their headquarters being demolished. They were escorted back to JLI Embassy where Maxwell Lord informed them their services would no longer be needed. Justice League Antarctica disbanded and the members went their separate ways.

The Injustice League returned for one more case, and predictably got trounced. Major Disaster, Big Sir, Cluemaster and Multi-Man were recruited by the Suicide Squad, effectively putting an end to the Injustice League.

List of appearances: Justice League Europe #6
Justice League America Annual #4
Justice Leace International vol. 1 #23
Justice League Quarterly #4

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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