Membership: A-Mortal, Armek, Fluxus, Primaid, Protex, Troix, Zenturion, Zum

Base of Operations: Z'Onn Z'Orr, Antarctica, formerly Still Zone

First Appearance: JLA #1 (January,1997)

History: (JLA #1-4) - A group of White Martians found a way to escape the Still Zone where their people were imprisoned and travel to Earth. These Martians took up gaudy "superhero" identities, named themselves the Hyperclan, and announced their presence to the world. Their cover story was that they were alien travelers who had come to Earth to solve all its problems. They used their powers to temporarily make the Sahara into fertile farmland, and cowed supervillains into hiding after the public executions of a number of villains. The public loved the Hyperclan, but were unaware that the "heroes" had formed a plan to enslave humanity and had set up watchtowers in Antarctica, the Gobi desert, and the Pacific Ocean that beamed mind-control rays across the globe. The Hyperclan were also responsible for blowing up the JLA Satellite, because the JLA, had publicly criticized the Hyperclan for their methods of saving the world. The JLA uncovered the true origins and intentions of the Hyperclan, but the Hyperclan defeated them and imprisoned in the Flower of Wrath, a Martian torture device. The only JLAer spared was Martian Manhunter, who the Hyperclan appealed to as a fellow Martian to join up with them. Manhunter seemingly agreed, but soon turned against the Hyperclan and helped his JLA teammates escape. The JLA defeated the Hyperclan, but not before Protex called down an invasion force of the other seventy remaining White Martians down on Earth. The JLA rounded up the invasion force, and left the punishment of the Hyperclan and other White Martians up to Martian Manhunter. Manhunter hypnotized them into taking human form and becoming peaceful members of society. 

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison & Howard Porter

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