MembershipAmerican Chibi, Assemblyman, Beautie, Black Rapier, Cleopatra I, Cleopatra II, Gentleman, Greymalkin, Hummingbird I, Hummingbird II, Living Nightmare, Leopardman, Max O’Millions, Mermaid, Mirage, M.P.H., N-Forcer I, N-Forcer II, Quarrel, Samaritan, Silver Agent, Starfighter, Starwoman, Stormhawk, Winged Victory, Wolfspider

Base of Operations: Astro City, Earth-Astro City

First AppearanceKurt Busiek’s Astro City I (Image) #1 (August, 1995)

History(Kurt Busiek’s Astro City I (Image) #2) - Max O’Millions formed the Honor Guard, a team of the world’s greatest superheroes, in 1959. Max’s initial team consisted of Cleopatra, N-Forcer, Bouncing Beatnik, Kitkat, Leopardman, Silver Agent and Starwoman. The Honor Guard confronted the occultist Karnus, who summoned the otherworldly Shirak the Devourer, bringing the entity and a part of his dimension to an Astro City subway tunnel. Shirak planned to make the subway his beachhead and make war against Earth, but the Honor Guard battled him, Karnus and Shirak’s army of sharklike humanoids he called the Ravagers. The battle turned against them until the Old Soldier, who hadn’t been seen in years, appeared because he was needed. He instructed the Honor Guard to destroy Shirak’s alter, which kept him tethered to our dimension. Silver Agent destroyed it with his bare hands, banishing the entity and winning the day.

(Kurt Busiek’s Astro City I (Image) #1) - The Honor Guard held a meeting in their floating headquarters, where they compared notes on their enemies, including who was active, who was in jail, and who had disappeared. They also fixed their alien detector, which had been malfunctioning ever since the Zonn attacks. The Honor Guard emergency signal went off, and they stopped the Menagerie gang from robbing Astrobank, and took a few moments to receive appreciation from the adoring public.

Comments: Created by  Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross & Brent E. Anderson.

The Honor Guard was originally published by Image Comics

The Honor Guard's appearance in Kurt Busiek’s Astro City I (Image) #1, 2 was reprinted in Kurt Busiek’s Astro City: Life in the Big City #1, 2.

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