Real Name: None

Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Supervillain

Group Affiliation: The Society

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: California

First Appearance: Green Lantern II #5 (March-April, 1961)

Powers: Hector Hammond's body was atrophied and incapable of movement. He possessed a superhuman evolved mind that gave him telekinesis and mind control powers. Hammond's mind enabled him to develop an arsenal of hi-tech weaponry.

History: (Green Lantern vol. 2 #5)-Hector Hammond was a petty criminal laying low in the California hills when he discovered a glowing meteorite that had evolved nearby plants into a form that would not exist for another 100,000 years. This meteorite fragment's other half landed in North America years ago and evolved the local apes into the scientific race that would found Gorilla City. Hector carried the meteorite back to his hideout, and then captured four prominent scientists and exposed them to the meteor. The scientists evolved into future-men who he forced to create fantastic inventions, allowing Hector to take credit for the work and become a celebrity. Green Lantern II was searching for the scientists, and came on Hector's hideout. Green Lantern restored the four scientists to normal and captured Hector.

(Justice League of America #14)-Hector exposed himself to the rays of the meteor, evolving himself into a future-man. He joined a small band of villains consisting of Pied Piper, Fisherman, Angle-Man and Mister Memory, but the group was defeated by the JLA.

(Green Lantern vol. 2 #22)-Hector again exposed himself to the meteor in order to strengthen his mental powers. He succeeded, but his body evolved to the point where it was immobile and useless. Discovering that other meteor fragments were scattered across the globe, he attempted to retrieve them. Green Lantern confronted him, and Hector tried to steal Lantern's power ring for his own evil designs. The power ring erected self-defense mechanisms, and the interference temporarily shut down Hector's mind.

(Green Lantern vol. 2 #128)-Realizing he could not have the power ring for himself, Hector tried an alternate plan of siphoning the ring's energy. Using this energy Hector built an exo-skeleton and tried to kill Green Lantern, but his scheme failed when the energy he stole from Lantern ran out and his exo-skeleton was depowered.

(Green Lantern III #30, 31, Flash II #69, 70) - Hammond began a long-distance chess game with Gorilla Grodd, who was incarcerated in a Gorilla City prison. The moves were actually a code to let Grodd know that Hammond had discovered that they both got their powers from the same type of meteor. Grodd also communicated that he had found a third evolutionary meteor on Earth and sent its location to Hammond. Hammond broke out of police custody, mentally controlled Flash III and forced him to run him to Gorilla City. Grodd and Hammond found the meteor, and each one planned to betray the other, but Grodd struck first, taking the power of the meteor and turning Hammond into a devolved Neanderthal man. Flash, Green Lantern and Rex the Wonder Dog stopped Grodd from taking over Gorilla City, and Detective Chimp subdued the savage Hammond. Hammond and Grodd, whose mind had been dampened, were put together in confinement in Gorilla City.

(Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #2)- Hammond drove a crowd of New Yorkers insane in an attempt to distract Green Lantern IV and put him under mental domination. Impulse pulled Lantern away from one of Hammond’s mind blasts, thus interrupting the process and inadvertently gaining temporary mental control of Lantern for himself. Lantern used his power ring to put Hammond in an emerald cell and kept him from concentrating and using his mental powers by blasting the Spice Girls over a gigantic stereo system.

(JLA #34) - Mageddon approached Earth, and sent a remote sender to Belle Reve prison, where it latched onto Hector Hammond and used his mental powers to drive the prisoners berserk with rage. Most of the JLA was occupied, but Plas, Green Lantern and Aquaman quelled the riot while Orion dispatched the remote sender.

(JSA #34, 35) - The Ultra-Humanite used Johnny Thunder’s Thunderbolt to conquer the world, and imprisoned Hector and virtually every superhuman on Earth. The Humanite mind-controlled Hector and a number of other telepaths, using them as his Mindsweepers so he could extend his mental domination over a greater number of superhumans. The JSA used a device that disrupted the braincaps Humanite used to control the Mindsweepers, freeing them from Humanite’s control.

(Green Lantern: Rebirth #1, 6) - Belle Reve; Hammond lacked brain activity but started instilling traumatic fear in guards and babbling to himself after Green Lantern Kyle Rayner returned to Earth with knowledge of Parallax’s imminent return. Hammond observed with interest while Hal Jordan was resurrected and Parallax was defeated.

(Green Lantern IV #4-6) - Belle Reve; Hector Hammond sensed the return of the Gremlins, aliens who liked to take things apart and put them back together again, aliens that were behind his creation. His mental powers were amplified, so he scrambled the minds of two guards, prompting Belle Reve officials to start constructing a new cell for him two hundred feet below the main facility. Hammond demanded to see Green lantern and projected a vision of the warden’s wife being gutted so he’d agree to fetch the hero. Hammond revealed the existence of the Gremlins to Hal, and warned him that they were in Coast City checking in on their other experiment, the Shark. Hammond missed being a moving, functioning man, and took Hal’s memories of a date with an attractive redhead as his payment. Hal only agreed to the dinner and drinks part of the date, and when Hammond tried to take more of his memories he reactivated Hammond’s pain centers and rendered him helpless. Hammond begged him not to leave, saying he wanted a real life, and that he wanted to be Green Lantern. The Gremlins checked in on Hammond, crawling all over his body, and he warned them that he’d alerted Green lantern to their presence, but they continued their experiments, altering his cerebral cortex so he’d be fit for sale as a weapon in an intergalactic war. Green Lantern defeated the Gremlins, and Hammond proclaimed him to be the greatest hero of all. Hammond was transferred to Edwards Air Force base, and was kept in Hangar 44, meant to house aliens and alien technology. The prisoner next to Hammond was a dismantled Manhunter, and Hammond confessed that the last surgery the Gremlins did on him changed everything.

(Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special #1) - The Society made plans for a worlwide prison break to free every incarcerated supervillain, and they cut the power of Hector Hammond's psi-inhibitors so he could escape from the Slab.

(Green Lantern IV #16) - Amon Sur broke into Hangar 44 to steal the ship his father Abin Sur had crash landed-on Earth in. Hammond and a number of other prisoners watched on as Amon gunned down the air force guards.

Comments: Created by Gil Kane & John Broome

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